6 June 2006

Celebrate FIFA World Cup 2006 Grand Opening Night with a Cake!!!

What is World cup if peeples and businesses do not exploits it for their own good right anot?!!!

So Genitalmen and Genitalmen!!! I presents to you, the FIFA World Cup Cake!!!

Realistic human figures to make u more sexcited

2 very real goalies with 1 half real football.

Even got referee!!! What more could you ask for?

All these for only RM48.00 only! Excluding tax, weighing at approximately 1.2kg i bet it could feed 3-4 football maniac for 1 night! Available exclusively at Kings Confectionary.
Go and get your now!

This black n white football shape 7" TV is suitable for you if you are banned from the living room and you hafta hide in the storeroom to watch the football so that your tigress wont be able to find your hiding place. Available at Tesco for RM69.90 only!

No, as much as i wish i m getting paid for all these free advertisements but sadly to say i m not. This is just a community message brought to you by Rojaks Daily !!!



  1. Anonymous5:32 am

    MCB Wingz!!!!! U know wat? I very damn 9 hate u wan! U know why? every night hor, i surely the feeling very depressed and want to commit the suicide. but i have this bad habit of updating myself with the updates on all my favourite blogs. everytime i read ur entries ho, my life damn brighten up again. thats why i damn dislikes it! when can i ever die harr? tenkiu Wingz for everything!

  2. only 6 players?
    futsal also tak cukup

  3. Anonymous11:43 am

    Who want?? I can bake black forest world cup cake all for RM39.90 plus free delivery.!!

  4. nina : why u wanna suicide jek? dun ler ... if u dunwan ur life then gimme ur body ... u can keep ur soul kakakaka

    lmf : this one mini futsal ler .. baru invented wan lol

    wuching : then faster kambek n buy laa

    aceone : ace i offer RM10 for warm world cup blackforest kek!!! free delivery!!!

  5. Anonymous8:19 pm

    good photos!!!

    anyways for bekham photos n more do follow this link!!!

  6. Anonymous12:09 am

    rakeshsgk u spammer sial!

  7. who want white cheese cake!
    i give to you all....


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