1 June 2006

No More Embarassing Farting Moment!

We in Rojaks has come out with a new device that will get you outta one of those embarassing moment, Rojaks Revolutionary TOOT-Tone. This device will help you convert your fart (kentut) into ringing tone of a handphone. Toot-Tone is equipped with a smart chip that converts your fart into melodic chimes. Toot-tone also comes with 16 pre-programmed ringtones for you to choose from. Just slide it up your A$$hole and you dont hafta be hesitate to fart ever again!

Watch our demo video for futher details.

TooT-Tone is the greatest invention ever!!! what are you waiting for? Call us now! If you call the number on your screen now we would even throw in a tube of KY Jelly Free Of Charge! Faster Call!!

*Batteries not included

Videos Courtesy of Wucanrou, thank you!



  1. Anonymous1:21 am

    Haha...my word Wingz, you really do a good job keeping the stressed up blokes like us motivated and enlightened. Keep it up Wingz, and I'm sure you'll get your rewards for all your thoughtful posts over the months! Enjoy your never-ending farting days!

  2. Anonymous1:56 am

    Farting TooTtone made in Malaysia by Wingz, kam kam order now and get your Free KY Jelly oso made by Wingz.!! Limited stocks only.

  3. from very statisfive costermer:
    i got nearly fired b-kos of my 'kentut' some time it smell like pig shed.after i use this toot-tone my boss gimme 1hr notice straight away kick out from his office. hey what the hell is this ar! penipu! he told me b-kos i got alot of fon call every minit while he olny every 1hr...
    you all blah-fing ar!?
    i want my money back! if not i su you all selling fraud thing!

  4. Anonymous3:29 am

    Wei, the ring tone got polyphony wan anot? If not I dun wanna buy wan ah.

    Can I load my own songs in ah?
    I think I'll load "She Bangs".

  5. Haha..I like the 3rd case.

    For 1st and 2nd case, vy dangerous coz it will make ppl think I din respect them by not off my phone..

    Btw, tis toot-tone need to b stuck in my a$$hole ar??

  6. jason : so u gonna place your order anot?

    tracey : tenkiu! its nice peeples like u that keep me posting every single day

    aceone : eh whee got limited stock? still got lotsa stock leh! faster order now!

    pisang : mahai u dun bruff! u using imitation product from china! u think i derno ar ?

    bryan : eh the latest model not only have poliponik tones but also can play mp3 also!!!

    youngbrat : if not stick it up your a$$hole then how to convert your fart into ringtone la??

    wuching: come come gimme your 16 digits credit card numbers!

    wu canrou : wuah u also using our TooT-tone ledi?? wanna do a full product review anot?


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