13 June 2006

FIFA WORLD CUP 2006- USA 0 Czech Republic 3

The Czech Republic started their opening game with flying colours
bagging all 3 full points in Gelsenkirchen. They totally outplay,
outclassed their counterpart in terms of Team Work, Technical play,
Passing of ball, Attacking Play and others. This victory is simply
one of the best team performance in the World Cup 2006.

It all started in the 5th mins when Jan Koller gave the Czech a dream
start and headed home a Zdenek Grygera cross. It was perfectly placed
and USA kepper Kasey Keller had no chance of saving it.

Czech Republic 1st goal

After koller was taken off for ankle injuries, Tomas Ujfalusi headed wide
and next season Arsenal's new signing Tomas Rosicky hit the bar before
racing through and chipping the loose ball over Kasey Keller for the 2nd
goal. Score at half time USA 0 Czech Republic 2.

In the 76 mins, USA Johnson had narrowly failed to connect in front of
Chelsea's kepper Petr Cech's goal, Tomas Rosicky sealed the Americans'
fate when he broke the offside trap down the centre beating Keller again.

The Czech Republic meanwhile did not create a host of chances but they
had all the quality to capatilise on the ones they did make for themselves.
If the Czech can beat Ghana in the next game, surely they will make it
into the last 16. However, team USA will not get it any easier when they
face another Giant Italy next in a difficult Group E clash. !!


  1. Anonymous6:44 am

    eh whoever u r, u not reli that good. i want my Wingz bek.

  2. U.S. is too careful not from game but from supporters. they afraid may be some one trow bomb into field...
    ka ka ka ka ka

  3. Anonymous11:25 am

    try 2 improve on the humour! anyway decent review

  4. gary : diu this is Rojaks new professional sports comentator laaa makai u dun bully ppl can anot ???

    anon : kakaka if you really notice... this is not a joke .. no wonder u dint find it to be funny lmao!!!

  5. Anonymous1:46 pm

    gary, you're such a crying baby !!LOL

  6. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Gary,Posting these Fifa World Cup reports can generate revenue under google adsense, don't you know that??


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