29 June 2006

Wuah!! Whose Daughters is This? Got Talent to Lead Underground Skool Geng leh!

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS MAN!!!! I would expect this kinda behaviour to come from guys but girls? C'mon! What are our society turning into these days?? Parents nowadays never teach their kids anymore huh?

First time I see this kinda animal behavior kambing from girls .... rumours has it that these girls are from St Joseph High Skool, Miri .... I derno bout you but heck if i m living in Miri, i m sure not gonna send my kids to that skool whether this is real anot!

Alex is from Miri, I derno he heard of it anot .... Alex where are tho? Faster tell us what happened??!!!

Here is some links to the story in Chinapress and Sin Chew Daily website (Both also in Chinese character), The same Video clip were also said to been broadcasted in USA by some online or national TV (Damn! the ability to read chinese characters should come in handy this time around!)

China Press : HERE
Sin Chew Daily : HERE

Note: Err.. this is just one part of the video only .. i derno why its only showing one part oni also .. the end part lagi teruk they weck that girl.

This one is the full version (I think ..)
Video:Malaysia School bully
by wingz

When asked bout this incident, the Principle of the above-mentioned Skool responded :
San Jose middle school principal: Possible "play"

Whether this group of student does come from an east Msia middle school, temporarily is unknown; Principal inquires when to "星洲日報" was said that, these female students possibly only were at that time in "play", then, the picture which pats puts the network to spread.

He believed that, in the picture situation possibly is not real, only is "plays".

(soli I myself also derno wtf they trying to say lol! ... i m using this lame online translator! Prolly you should get someone to translate for you if you wanna know more!)

They are playing??!! MCH!! It looks like anything but playing la! mch who you wanna bruff??!!

To those violent bitches who attacked/slapped/kicked/whacked that poor girl, I wish next time your kids also kena weck lidat in skool.

To those boys who dint stop this from happening I hope you all will turn gay!

To the girl who made cute face and peace sign , you look retarded and thanks alot for being so happy when your geng attacked a helpless girl.

To the fler recording the whole incident, Mahchowhai!!! you got phone one la! Call someone lar farker! why you let them weck kau her till lidat you still no take action? Mahai which skool you goto one? ... oh, i forgot .. I mentioned the skool name ledi just now.

Anyone from Miri wanna tell us more about this incident? Feel free to use the comments section ok?

Parents, what would you feel if your children kena cornered and whack lidat in skool? Come come! lemme hear your thoughts ok?

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Credits : Video I wallop from Head Hunter Many Thanks to Cynthia for the infos!



  1. aiyo! you know i so pu huey after I watch the video last night` fuiyooo Itu ah lianz memang.. tsk tsk tsk

    But hor` got one of the chinese article forgot which site, mentioned that this is a revenge cos the girl being walloped actually walloped one of the girls who wallope her in the vid?? blur blur`

    paling beh tahan is the ngong principal` "maybe they just play play only" the heck?!??!

  2. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Damn, no more video ledi.

  3. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Wat happenned? blur blur!!

  4. Wei no video watch la,boh song liao. Isk isk...

  5. i manage to watch it yesterday
    and i tot it's some old news.

    mana tau today come out first page

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  7. mai cipiet...too late...cant manage to watch d...

    will leave more comment after i manage to watch it...i cant read chinese so duno what the newspaper wrote...

  8. Anonymous4:10 pm

    WTF is our Education Ministry doing hor? Spread until like this and they can't even trace which school. You say got make sense anot? Anyway, I oso blog this after I saw the video. Damn angry with the school authorities.

  9. Too bad I'll Devil is still too young. If not, ask him to 'kau' those girls and then dump them. Let them die of broken hearts! MUAHAARHAR

  10. Wingz, we send you 2 dat skool as undercover (tou hok wai loong) & find out the truth la. Then can molest young boys/girls abit. Can make it anot? ROFL !!

  11. waa, you still have the video.. those miss the video is lucky now because you still have it..

    rojaks, are we doing bad things when sharing their video? i start to feel guilty..

  12. HeadHunter : If u think creating awareness and exposing the ugly side of a bad person is bad then u got the rights to feel guilty ler. I just want more ppl to take a good look at this incident and judge for themself.uicoul

  13. na bueh this rojaks blog... everything u oso got...god lar u...

    hey guysss...
    used your hand rather than used ur mouth to ask the gals dont fight... :)

  14. Anonymous5:50 pm

    mahaiz....i go video their sex video!post n distribute !hahaha..cipet....wtf.who they think they r...mahaiz...hate ppl slapping here n there....pisang!order u go kasi each of them pisang cucuk themselves!make sure find some bigbig 1...cucuk their ASS!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous9:49 pm

    High School student so garang these days.

  16. Stuffs like that happen everyday in schools all over the country. They have been going on ever since I was in school (13 years now since I witnessed my first fight). The only difference is these bunch of kids are stupid enough to film it.

    Its nothing new.

    And to be fair, schools can't really do much because most victims are too afraid to report.

  17. Anonymous10:45 pm


    here the video, he re-uploaded it using another account i think :/

    poor gal...

  18. a^ben:phuiyo if u dapat gf like this ... Extreme SM man!!! kena slap like siao! lol

    bryan : sabar lar

    aceone : Cats fight!!

    sotongking : sabar lar diuu

    lmf : it came out in newspaper? front page sommo? wow

    ah nel : sabar lar ... now mai can watch ledi lor ...

    anon : this one actually got nothing to do with ministry of education also ... this one more towards individual parents, like malay saying Bapak kencing berdiri .. anak kencing berlari

    helen : wuah u lagi evil!! last time u go which skool one?

    vad3r: diu lar u think those kids blind one meh? u sending an oldman to undercover in skool kakakaka

    ah nel : good leh! eh ini macam kena charge consultation fees ledi wor!

    frycrab : mch u watching girl fight also can get sexcited one ka? cool down wei

    hsin : tenkiu for the download link!

    bryan : garang leh! .. itulah .. dun simply duck jui lui yan especially if they kambing from miri LOL!!

    vincent : mind telling me u from which skool one anot? mch i make sure i don send my kid to that skool!

    chrono : thanks for the link wei! eh r u the chrono I knew ar?

  19. Anonymous1:38 am

    Mahai which skool you goto one? ... oh, i forgot .. I mentioned the skool name ledi just now.

    HAHAHAHAA..sorry,,that really cracked me up..:P

  20. Anonymous2:21 am

    sorry..dis morning kenot see video then at night tiba tiba got video..
    *sigh* *Sigh* pity tat girl kena wallop by so many skool mates. I'm sure her parents will report this to the relevant authorities. again * sigh*

  21. Anonymous3:10 am

    It happen coz of the gangster gal didnt pay for her food and the victim reported. Then victim was beaten up for the first time for that. But victim told others she was beaten up. Therefore she got beaten up for the second time (the video) for ALLEGEDly telling ppl she got beaten up the first time.
    Victim is not from Stjoe but Stco.
    Gangster Gals are from STjoe.
    Location at Taman Selera Miri.

    *One of Gals’ dad is a gangster. Therefore, there is a GAG on all EAST MALAYSIAN NEWSPAPERS NOT TO REPORT THE NEWS.
    Therefore, Only WEst Malaysian Papers dare to report the news.

    *Principal of Stjoe TRIES to cover up alleging it was staged.
    *Principal of Stjoe TRIES to say it is other schools’ students, BUT BUT BUT he fail to notice that only STJOEs used BLUE ties in Miri !!

    *Victim cant RUN coz U and I know she would be severely injured if she run.

    Good that victim didnt fight back coz it would be called fighting if she did. AS she didnt response, it is called Bullying. With guys support, fighting back would also caused more injuries. She may be arrested also if she did hit back.

    Hope these clear matters.

  22. Anonymous4:10 am

    mwahahaha :D yala! there is another chrono? lol

    i wonder, why the victim wanna follow them there?

  23. i don't understand why at the last minute only the guys stepped in to "help"? totally useless, right? wanna be hero later on only, what is the point?

    AND why someone must record it? i bet it's a guy!

    hehe, the last time there was some drama in my school, they called the students samsengs. err, i think they were milder than these girls. =P

  24. Put shame to chinese people!

    Nevertheless, its happening in every society. Moral decay in young people these days are so shocking and parents are definitely to be blame, sad but true...

  25. I from st co oso feel no face! St joe girls rili screw up mirian faces! I now study in Aus, ppl in here oso know! So pathetic!
    Hey , fuck ur mom lah! Don insult Gays ok! Gay not like tht come de! Dun simply say!

  26. flyy : Niahai la! you got kkc meh? you dun have kkc how da fark u know where gay kam from? DIUUU!!! this is what i call :
    sik siu siu barn toi piu,
    fart chor piu bei yan DIU!

  27. I was fuming like volcano when i watched this video. Those girl bullies are just so stupiad. whats with the "ni you mei you jiang"(did u say?) thingie? And why didnt the victim fight back? why all victims didnt fight back!! And why were the stupiad guys standing there and at last they said (Oh, no more no more..oh,okay okay, one last slap?!) This is so ridiculous.I hope those guys will stay single and unwanted forever!!

  28. Anonymous9:23 pm

    wtf is goin on arnd malaysia 2day. all those principal's is tryin 2 cover up things for their sch. like my sch too. im from st joseph. but not the miri one. the one in kch. pukilantiang st joseph. both oso lame shit.

  29. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Im from st joe kuching but sadly they arent any cat fights as we dont have girls T.T

    lol seriously what were those ah bengs thinking? only at the end did they stop the fight. hahaha other than that the video was funn better than any movies i have seen recently :D

  30. usually when guys fight the other guys aso never intervene wurt...then all the guys r gay lah? juz coz girl fight u expect the guys to step in? Dun 4get it is none of their business at the first place, if i was there i would have let it happened too n only step in later...
    not bcoz i have no guts (i used to b the one the gals run too when the guys bully them) n i have even stepped between 2 guys when they fight and i almost got clobbered as well n not bcoz i am uncivilized but i guess it is part of growing up but this is like 10 times worse...

    i am ashamed that something like dis can happen n i do not condone to it, but the girls did interogate her b4 hitting her...we do not know for sure what is the whole story n we were not there...videos n pictures lie, we are only watching a snippet of it...

    but i agree the girls has to b punished and the authorities should look into this, especially when the guys fight, i have seen ppl going home wif bleeding nose and he got hit coz they call it BIRTHDAY BASHING! which is even worse...

  31. Anonymous2:02 am

    the word "play" means a pretend drama... the girls are just pretending to act that way, to record it down, (maybe they'd always dream to be an actress??) i think if this incident was true, they wouldn't want people to record it down. probably they're just acting some kinda of "fake drama"

  32. I saw these kind of things happen before infront of my eyes. Not that violent. Ussually girls will warned the victim with some harsh verbal language before giving some slaps. I was a bully victim before when I was 15 years old. I was bullied before I said the wrong words on the phone with a friend who know the bully/gangster's fav girl. The words were just meant to soothe the guy who want to date her. My words ,"There's so many flower out there in the jungle...don't worry". Litterally means there's other girl out there. He BLOODY stupid go and tell the girl. I was being told to meet her at a shopping mall nearby toilet area. I knew wat was going to happen so I asked someone who kind of have 'relation' with these world. My saviour didn't saved me. I got bloody scolded and threaten. I was told to pay up or I will be beaten. I didn't bring much at the moment for a student. All I have was RM30 at that moment. I was left with nothing to go home. Luckily I have friends working at the mall.
    Thinking back, should I actually defend myself? But knowing the girl's background...I think i rather loose the money than making a big matter out of these. So to those bully in the world, the karma will do its job one day.

  33. Anonymous10:17 am

    Wah lau.. Cibai.. So syok ah the two girls slapping the girl.. Na beh two attack one.. Pick their own size lah. Slap like there is no tomolo like that. If want to settle, settle among themself lah. Why got third party helping out one.. That is called COWARD!! The girl kena attack, i really admire her lah. NEver even response back.If i were her, I go straight police station liaw lor. Let the two girls go to Girls Home for 2 years.. heheeh!

    Apparently, what posted on the web is true. I heard that it is from miri and from that school. Anyone in Miri, I dont think they will send their kids there anymore.

    The useless and dickless principal, that is really funny. PLAY PLAY!! I will tell him, go back and PLAY PLAY his cibai lah..

    What happen to this world now? WHERE IS JUSTICE????

    Damn tulan now...


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