12 June 2006

Who Say Blogging no Future??!!

I tell you, if u think blogging no future then u sucks reery reery much!!! Now mareysian ppls/society see blogging very the UP!

You see hensem peeple like kennysia, petertan etc ... always masuk newspepeh wan the latest one is our Mareysia own Cari Angels geng!

Our Mareysia Cari Angels comprises of :

Honestly, I only read 2 outta 6 Cari Angels and since they got chosen I think them all also got their own interesting side wan lar ... rite anot? One thing for sure tho, these are all FRESH FLESH!!!! *Slurps*

Full story HERE

So, if you think you also fresh flesh then fast fast make one blog, then do lotsa camwhores!! ALOt of them!
  • Berak also camwhore
  • makan also camwhore
  • mandi also camwhore
  • paktor also camwhore
  • humping also camwhore (learn this from TammyNYP)
  • clubbing also camwhore
  • digging nose also camwhore
  • And not forgetting no one camwhore while scratching her own armpit yet .... eh what about scratch ledi then smelling it? chun anot this idea??!!!

Then show abit of sample here and there and preferably everywhere!!! LMAO!!! Gerenti you will be fehmes wan!!! (those aunty level ledi wan no nid to show ledi ok? this one only applicable to SYT oni :P )

So, you wanna be fehmes anot? wanna masuk newspehpah anot? u got model material anot?? if got then u can email me at rojaks.wingz@gmail.com and lemme be ur manager .... my fees is 50% of your income only ... how cheap anot ?

Tenkiu lenglui Suan for the photos
Update : Images scanned by Angmoh Laufu ST (SiaoTiger) then cilokED by suan lol!
Update again : NO! suan dint cilokED those pics scanned by SiaoTiger ... -_-""



  1. for best effect, show them to mr. kenny and hiao hiao him to plug 9 you.

  2. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Do you guys notice there are hell lots of typos in the mmail link?

  3. Anonymous4:42 pm

    I oso want to be manager , fees 25 % oni!!

  4. yes bryan - alot typos....shitty interview but good for the GIRLS...

  5. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Ceh thanks Suan, I SCANNED IT!

    Was a shitty article tho, bad pics.

  6. i charge 24% onli for manager!

  7. Anonymous10:54 pm

    hey wingz, do you know you was mentioned too in the malay mail today?

    this guy amir is a blogger himself and i suppose that makes him 'in the know' of malaysian bloggers. (lately i was also mentioned in an article by him).

  8. Anonymous11:41 pm

    yup, typos and bad photos.

    hahahha... everything also camwhore, i agree! seems like the easiest way to be famous through blogging <--- this is a general statement and does not refer to the girls in the article, ok.

    need fake boobs or not? ;P

  9. Anonymous11:52 pm

    st- no i scanned those. didnt use any of your photos BLEH

  10. argh cilapek, the above was me thanks

  11. Yalor, diam-diam lar...lu keluak Malay Mail today...kembang lar...

    "Or maybe just go to Rojaks Daily for some unpublishable pix of women and football."

    Wah...now everyone in the world knows Rojaks so hamsup liao...

  12. ahpek : mch ask kenny to plug 9 me?? that sentence abit gay rite???

    bryan : eh no wor .. prolly he writing in my rojaks style dats why i dint realise lol!

    ace : mahai dun rampas my business!!

    foodcrazee : they never check the article b4 publish one huh?

    ST : eh suan said she scan one wor!!

    wuching : kanneh u go find aussy customers laaa dun grab my mareysian customersss

    lucia : thanks for the news! I saw that just now .. only 1 small line niah haha ... if those never read blog before also derno wtf is Rojaks Daily bcoz no url attached.:P

    bimbobum : if fake boobs are complimentary then why not jek? lol!

    suan : you are the bestest!!!

  13. i want to be manager too my charge are free some more i give free food too...

    this wan i had a name of this team... it called "ona sentai! megami sama"

  14. Anonymous11:44 am

    I'm under the antie category. Boohoo!!!


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