3 December 2006

Wingz can Cook - Homemade Carrot Ramen

Welcome to another episode of Wingz can Cook!

I love noodles, infact my whole family loves noodles but there is always this doubt that the noodles available out there is the hypermerkets and convinient shops ... well lets just say that you dont know how they made them plus the hygiene factors which is always a threat to our health.

Issues such as exessive use of boric acid as some form of preservative, excessive lye water as some sorta texture modifier and and overdose of artificial colouring is really putting me and my entire family off noodles as much as we would like to consume them.

That is the reason I made ramen (which originated from china rather than japan and literally means "pull/stretch noodle" in mandarin not japs) this weekend. I want my family to have healthy types of ramen that I can prepare in the comfort of my home with everyday ingredients.

The deal is I will make the ramen, then bring it over to my parent's house where they will make the soup for the ramen and we will eat there.

ok, lets get back to business! here are the ingredients and methods/directions on how to make a Carrot Egg Ramen with no artificial colouring, lye water and boric acid.

a.) 2 1/2 cups high protien flour ( Available in most bakery store or Tesco )
b.) 1 1/2 tablespoon of salt
c.) A pinch of pepper
d.) 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda (as texture modifier)
e.) 2-3 eggs, beaten (depends on size of the eggs)
f.) 1/2 cup carrot juice (flavour and ramen colouring)
g.) 2 tablespoon milk powder ( to be dissolve into carrot juice)
h.) 1 tablespoon butter ( or any vegetable shortenings will do, olive oil also can)

1. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the sieved flour, pepper, baking soda and salt. Later add in carrot juice with milk, the beaten egg and butter. Knead dough until smooth, about 10-15 minutes. Leave in the fridge overnite covered in stretch film.
2. The next day : On a floured surface, roll out to 1/8 or 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into desired lengths and shapes.
3. Allow to air dry before cooking.

Preparation time : 30-45 minutes
Serves : 4-5 servings

Sound simple isnt it? well not really ... the dough forming process is simple but there is more to it. The tricky part is during the noodle forming, look at the below pic for step by step illustrations :


Anchor brand High protien flour

Carrot juice extraction

Salt to taste

Baking Soda as texture improver


this is 1 cup of high protien flour

Strain your flour with a sieve

3 eggs to be beaten

Mix everything into the mixing bowl

knead the dough (i used a wooden fork to help form the dough b4 keading it)

Ramen dough (sorry no photo of kneading bcoz my hands are dirty and preoccupied at the time)

wrap the ramen dough with stretch film

Fully wrapped ramen dough, place it in to the fridge and leave overnite. This will improves the overall texture of the ramen

Carrot Ramen noodle forming :

This process does require you to have a noodle making machine. If you are truly a noodle/ramen lover you should go out and get yourself one of this lil machine. Each will cost in the region of RM30-40 bucks, not a piece of expensive equipment compares to the amount of work it can do.

Cut/divide your ramen dough by cutting them up (like the small piece of dough on the top left corner of the chopping board) Roll them up with a rolling pin to the desire thickness

When rolling your dough, please make sure that you continue to apply regular flour onto the surface and bottom of the rolled dough to prevent it from sticking onto your rolling pin. Just a sprinkle will do as long as the dough to not sticks.

Personally I like my noodle thin and crispy, so most of the time ... i will keep rolling untill i cant4 roll no more.

This is where the manual noodle making machine will come in handy. Carrot RAMEN!!

Look at the standard size of the noodles, which is kinda impossible to get with my kinda knife work.

Here is another look at the well formed carrot ramen

This is how much ramen you will get from 3 batches of the dough in the above recipe.

We put all the carrot ramen into this bowl and rush to mum's place


I didnt make the soup but according to my oldman, the soup base are made of chicken stock (real chicken stock not the cube type) and of coz with salt to taste. Some would prefer miso soup with your ramen which will do just fine too if you are able to find that niboshi fish (dried baby sardines) to make your miso soup with. Of course you can use the miso soup paste but that arent as fun anymore innit?

Spring onions, lots n lotsa spring onions

stir fry meat with mushroom in black soya sauce (any meat will do)

Ice, dip your cooked ramen into ice cold water to get that crunchy ramen texture (once you get the cooked ramen outta the boiling water you gotta dip in it imeadietly)

deep fried anchovies to compliment the carrot ramen

sawi or any vegs of your choice will do just fine.

Carrot ramen with sawi, stirred fried meat, garnish with deep fried anchovies and spring onions on the top.

Multiple bowls of carrot ramen waiting to be eaten!

The completed presentation of the carrot ramen minus the soup. When they scoop in the soup i was too busy eating and do not have time to take pictures lol!

There were too much carrot ramen to be eaten in one round, so we used the leftover for dinner ... dad made fried ramen with them instead of soup ramen ... everything were gone by the end of the day.


Mom : Very crunchy .... as good as the retail ramen on the shelf!
Bro : The smells of carrot is very appetizing plus the colour is so inviting as well!
Sis : Too busy eating!
Father : Too busy eating too!
Lil Devil : I want more noodle pls!

There you have it! A healthy Homemade ramen recipe for the entire family! Simple and delicious! You can replace the carrot with other types of vegetables too as long as you do not include any of the fibers into the dough it should be fine. The fibers from vegetable will ( I think) weaken then structure of the dough itself.

Tune in again next week for another edition of Wingz can Cook!

Happy trying!

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  2. *they made them plus the hygiene factors which is always a treat to our health.*


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  3. y the egg look so funny wan? 2 orange and 1 yellow?

  4. U can cook... I can eat...

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  6. I really respect you man!

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