19 December 2006

Ahbeng Go Buy Brassiere

One day Ahbeng go shopping for a bra for his wife Ahuei, he go into this small neighbourhood store and approached the Ladyboss :

Ahbeng : I want buy bra.
Ladyboss : Buy for who?
Ahbeng : Buy for Ahuei my wife
Ladyboss : Where is she?
Ahbeng : she's at home.
Ladyboss : Soli! I kenot sell you this bra without seing your wife.
Ahbeng : Why kenot?
Ladyboss : Store Policy la!

One day later Ahbeng go to the same store to buy dog food for his dog.

Ahbeng : I want buy dog food.
Ladyboss : You got dog wan meh?
Ahbeng : Got!
Ladyboss : Where?
Ahbeng : At home la!
Ladyboss : Soli! I kenot sell you dog food unless I see your dog first.
Ahbeng : Why kenot?
Ladyboss : Store policy la!
Ahbeng : Wah lau eh! what kinda store is this?? must bring dog only can buy dog food wan?!!!
Ladyboss : Kenot ah? dun like dun come la diu!!

This time Ahbeng really tulan ledi .... The next day he wanna revenge sama this Ladyboss ... he go back to the store with a black plastic bag filled with something wan. He put in on top of the table then the Ladyboss asked him :

Ladyboss : What is this?
Ahbeng : I want buy something but i sked you wont sell it to me without seing it ... so i bring along for u to see lor! You put your hand inside first lar ... then u will know wan.
Ladyboss : Hmmm...why soft soft n wet wet wan?! What izzit?
Ahbeng : Now you touched it .... can I buy some toilet paper please?


  1. Anonymous12:45 am

    kakaka..luckily ahbeng didn't bring some cow dang for the ladyboss! lol

  2. Anonymous3:52 am

    ahahhaa...nice one!

    i was sleepy until I read your latest entry...now I am wide awake and getting odd stares from the people around me.

  3. Anonymous6:40 am

    kakaka....kam tou peh leh lam tou!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:12 am

    AHahaha Ahbeng wana buy pads how?

  5. Anonymous11:49 am

    hahahhahah!!!!!!!!! hahahahhaha!! lawak giler!!!

    but ah beng very gud oh..always buy things for ah huey wan...today bra..that day parrot...what else ha..hahaha

  6. Anonymous11:58 am

    Wa lau eh, like this oso can, if buy condom got to bring wat?

  7. Anonymous3:09 pm

    the same old joke..
    but i like that LadyBoss saying "Kenot ah? dun like dun come la diu!!"

  8. Anonymous9:16 pm


  9. Anonymous11:46 pm

    nabeh!!! Ladyboss kena con 99!

  10. LOL, I thot AhBeng go and buy spender.

    AhBeng : I want to buy condom
    LadyBoss : For who?
    AhBeng : Now, are you going to tell me you need to see my kukujiao first before you can sell to me?
    *ahbeng unzipped his bulu bulu, cicak size as big as Yahya Zaini kkc out to show ladyboss.*


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