14 December 2006

High Class Pedigree Dog

One day this high class Ahlian, name Ahuei (yes! finally i found a hot chick call Ahuei wan! click on the link to goto her blog la!) goto a high class pet shop looking for a high class dog.

The shop owner Belle (anoder ahlian, i dint link to her blog bcoz she might kill me after that) approached Ahuei and offer her help.

Belle : Lianglui ... looking for dog ar? we got all kinda dog one leh ... come come slow slow choose.
Ahuei : I looking for a high class dog for myself leh ... i want pedigree wan hor ... if not pedigree i dunwan ok?
Belle : Dunch werry miss! we dont sell paria breed wan .... we only sell pure breed mia dog in our shop.
Ahuei : oh good! you got any recomendation anot? I dunwan those cheap cheap type hor ... money no problem, i just want high class breed ok?
Belle : Miss, you come at the right time! yesday just arrive one dog ... come come i show you

High Class Pedigree

: Aawwww ... shes so cute! I like leh!
Belle : Cute leh?!! See? i told you ledi sure ngam you wan!
Ahuei : Err .. but .. you sure this dog is high class dog anot?
Belle : Sure la! 100% gerenti high class wan!
Ahuei : How high class?
Belle : How high class ar? Lemme put it this way ler .... if this dog can talk hor ... she definitely wont speak to you lor!
Ahuei :



  1. Anonymous2:39 am

    yes i'm in 3rd!!!!!!
    wat that dog tok bek ha?

  2. Anonymous3:08 am

    Aiyo tat doggie so cute leh!! U sure ka is high class pedigree!!! Hehheheheheh..... then I kenot afford lor!! I am very poor!!!

  3. Waaahhh...the puppy is SOOOO CUTE!!! >.<

  4. this dog sibeh tulan get photographed lah!

  5. Anonymous9:16 am

    ehhhh I wannn!!!!
    Wingz u buy for me ar?

    Y u scared the shop owner Belle kill u but dun scared I kill u leh? =P

  6. Anonymous10:47 am

    You tot dun put link can edi meh? Google can work wonders wan you derno meh? Kekeke...

  7. Wei boss tarak faham la...high class jokes isit?

  8. Anonymous4:39 pm

    ei...the dog's face...y so fierce wan har!? kecik kecik cili api?!

  9. Anonymous1:33 am

    wingzzzzz...i angery u


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