16 December 2006

Pizza Hut Going Rojaks

Before I go on any further, lets take a look at what is the meaning of Rojak ... a search on the internet reveals answer from the famous Wikipedia :-

Rojak Language
From Wikipedia

Rojak Language or Bahasa Rojak is a Malaysian term, literally meaning "mixed-up language" in Malay, to define the practice of code-switches between 2, 3, 4 or more languages in a conversation similar to pidgin, Manglish and Singlish. The base language, however is Malay.

Then, back in october I read in the newspaper this article about Rojaks Language : DBP given power to fine

KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet has given the Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (DBP) the power to advise and fine anyone not using the national language correctly on signboards.

“DBP can now enforce the correct usage of the national language on the public and private sectors,” he told reporters at a press conference at his office yesterday.

Rais also gave some examples of commonly used terms such as Touch ‘N’ Go and Boulevard that he would like to see changed to Bahasa Malaysia terms.

“The word for ‘Boulevard’ should rightfully be ‘Lebuh Perdana’,” he said.

Then I wanna show you this photograph i took from Tesco Kajang

Click on the above image for a larger version

I thot they are saying that if you buy 1 pizza you can get 4 topeng (mask) for free! LOL!

This is another community message brought to you by The Rojaks Daily!

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  1. Anonymous9:18 am

    no la... rojak means
    "to gip a joke to all reader fan heart drop....
    ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke

    joking olny...


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