21 December 2006

Three Stages of a Man

Altho this is a short post but this post is really deep wan!

There is 3 stages of a man :

1. The first stage where he believes that there is really a Santa Claus, that is when he is still young la ....

2. Then come a time where he learns that there is really no such thing as Santa Claus in this world ... therefore he does not bilieves in Santan Claus Anymore and this is the second stage.

3. I m currently at the third stage ... I m the Santa Claus!

Deep huh? think bout it ... life is not always about luffing one geh, sometime also kena exercise the brain abit rite anot?

Nah give u guys something to pounder 1st lar! I go catch some sleep first!


  1. Anonymous4:20 am

    Dear Santa,

    I have been good this year and you will deliver my PS3 ya!!


  2. Anonymous7:14 am

    santa claus, i'm still in stage 1..gimme gimme pwesents please!

  3. Anonymous10:06 am

    you mean your tummy ah?

  4. Anonymous11:35 am

    Since you're santa claus, i demand a chrismas present from you. !!

  5. Anonymous11:50 am

    hmmm... u mean your size? okok Santa... I give me a Gibson Lespaul guitar!!!

  6. wah!! this is sure very chim ah, for you guys got study philosophy one, this correspond to three stages of life by kierkegaard
    see wikipedia link here

  7. Anonymous12:23 pm

    wingz is santa now bcoz he needs to buy present for his kid liao la...

  8. tux : not that kinda santa la!! kanneh u orsee bigger than milo tin ledi sommo wanna ask me for plesen!

    wuching : u also orsee bigger than milo tin liow la!!! kenot!

    ahpek : hahahaha thats only one part of it!

    aceone : kanneh u all orsee bigger than milo tin one still asking for plesen one hor?

    kenny : guitar lesbian wan anot?

    andycjw : kakaka itu kierkegaard mia 3 stages of life tarak ngam me ler! that one over chim ledi! lol

    mike : BINGO!!! Santa really exist!!! and its you in your 3rd stage la! lol

  9. I had been around one circle and now I want to go back to stage 1. How to do that?

  10. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,your are indeed..... Rojaks Clause! Cheers!

  11. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Mahai, I'm stuck between stage 2 and 3!

  12. Anonymous4:52 pm

    thts y i love my dad.
    5xmom : U R FOREVER STAGE ONE NO?!my mom lied to me then.she said getting married is to get pwesent forever -..-

  13. Anonymous6:08 pm

    eh I orsi not bigger than milo tin..wan present can anot?? I 15 onli niaaa >.<

    I wan..Sony Vaio oni..can la can la Santa!!!

  14. bellevella

    Huh? Married get present everyday? Get sex oso cannot get every day, how to get presents everyday, jek? LOL.

    Can explain ah? I totally confused liao.

  15. sifu now become santa?i need to become the deer kar?

  16. Woiz Santa, mana Santarina?

  17. Anonymous9:21 pm

    It's not deer, it's rudolf.

    Santa , faster give me free rooms in PD for bbq party in Christmas eve.

  18. 5xmom : u ask your atm buy u plesen then u mai can go back to stage 1 lor!!! lol

    Joec : hey Merry Xmas to you too JoeC!

    Bryan : diu lor u better dun stuck long long! if not by the time u arrive at stage 3 u curly liow! kakakakaka!

    belle : your mum bruff u wan!!! getting married is the longest sentence ever!!!! lol

    huei : u lemme see u orsee 1st la! then oni i belif lu! lol

    ahnel : no nid no nid .. u go play with snow white ok? lol!

    sotongking : santarina pigi hawaii sun bathing liow!

    ckyeo : free rooms? only gigolo gets free room wor!

  19. Anonymous3:23 am

    i think wat my mom meant is
    get married = find lou chan = my dad
    my dad make mom angry = die.
    so if daddy din give mom pwesent HE'S PREPARE TO GOTO HELL.but not easy to find lou chan like my dad HWHAHAHA

  20. Anonymous11:22 am

    Rich people give. So Santa is rich.

    Since Wingz = Santa, so Wingz are rich.

    I also want to be Santa. :)

  21. Anonymous5:28 pm

    santa...I've been a good girl this year. Have you seen my 5km long Christmas list yet? muahaha


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