7 December 2006

Christmas Carol Parrot

Since its almost Christmas I thot this jokes would come in handy at those family christmas gathering later.

Ahbeng wanna get his wife a xmas present and he happened to saw a pretty Parrot in the pet shop the other day. So he went back to the shop and walks in, he told the Boss that he is looking for a talking Parrot for his wife.

Ahbeng : Boss, that day i saw your window there got put one talking Parrot one ... still for sale anot?
Boss : Oh! ya ya! still for sale!
Ahbeng : where?
Boss : We put him behind for a bath, come i show you.

Later at the back of the pet shop :

Ahbeng : Hes very hansem la ... other than talking, can he do any tricks anot?
Boss : Oh .. hes not a talking Parrot ler...
Ahbeng : not a talking Parrot? then?
Boss : This one is a Christmas Parrot, he will sing christmas songs wan.
Ahbeng : serious??!!
Boss : Yes! come i show you ....
Boss : You see har .. if you light a match under his right foot he will sing "jingle bells" one and if you light a match under his left foot he will sing "Rudolph the Red nose Raindeer"
Ahbeng : Wuah! lemme try lemme try!!!

Ahbeng did as the Boss instructed and surely the Parrot were singing the song mentioned by the Boss when Ahbeng light a match under her feet.

Ahbeng : Boss this Parrot best la! How much? how much?!!! I take!

After Ahbeng paid for the Parrot he headed home to give his wife (Ahlian) a suprise.

Ahbeng : Ahlian! Ahlian! come see what xmas present i bought for you!
Ahlian : What you bought for me wor!
Ahbeng : A Parrot!
Ahlian : A Parrot??
Ahbeng : not any Parrot ok?! this Parrot can sing xmas song wan!
Ahlian : sure anot?? show show! i wanna hear leh!

Ahbeng then lit a match on the Parrot's left foot and the Parrot begins to sing "Rudolph the Red nose Raindeer" then Ahbeng switch the match to his right foot and the Parrot started singing "Jingle Bells" Ahlian were impressed!

Ahlian : Ahbeng Ahbeng ... you put one match in the middle of his feet and see he got sing both song together anot?
Ahbeng : haha good idea wor! ok ok lets try ....

Ahbeng then lit a match and put it between the Parrot's legs ... suddenly the Parrot sing this song!

Parrot : My nuts roasting on the an open fire~~~ (The Christmas Song)
Ahbeng & Ahlian :


P/S :Those who are not familiar with Xmas song will not be able to catch this joke one!


  1. Anonymous4:30 am

    am i the 1st!!?
    2 thumbs up!
    i laf so loud luckily don wake my dad up.if not im the one who'l get roast

  2. Anonymous9:47 am

    2nd 2nd..

    i really dun get it.. :(
    i only know how to sing gong hei fatt choi

    p/s: Yor.. my word verification so longgggggggg

  3. Anonymous10:09 am

    the real song's lyrics are "chestnuts roasting" not "my nuts roasting"

  4. Anonymous10:23 am

    The Ahbeng parrot got added value leh!! Dun play play....

  5. Anonymous11:50 am

    Wah parrot veri cham hor hv to get lighted everytime.. siapa itu guru ah so cruel teach the parrot lidat... Must be Wingz la... See now parrot suffer hv to sing my nuts's roasting in between my legs....

  6. Anonymous12:02 pm

    heard this jokes very good you alter it

  7. Anonymous1:15 pm

    chestnuts roasting on an open fire~~

    hahaha damn good!!

  8. I demand the parrot to sing for me on mp3!

  9. belle : yeayy!!! u 1st!!! but apa lu dapat la? lol!

    cely : u masuk yehsou 1st then you will understand wan ler! yala! lately the cibai word verification dem 9 long!

    ckyeo : ahbeng parrot got add what value la? semi value? lol

    wennnn : the parrot loves the smell of burnt nuts mah!!!

    pisang : wuah sure anottt good mehhh

    blueapple : tonite maybe you can try on your bf ... see he got sing anot! lol

    5xmom : mp3 illegal wei!!!

  10. Merrry Christmas wingz! what if the fire is on the wings?

  11. Anonymous12:08 am

    Ah wingz taiko.. i discover an error on ur blok...

    Ahbeng : Hes very pwetty la ... other than talking, can she do any tricks anot?

    Got nuts or dun have nuts 1?? LOL


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