8 December 2006

My Uncle The Gold Medalist

My uncle Mr. Lee Seng Chow, he is blind.

Mr. Lee won two gold medals at the recent Asian Paralympics representing Malaysia. Hes blind but yet that doesnt stop him from achieving things that we would only dream about.

Mr. Lee is a full time masseur by profession and yet despite his shortcoming he still is able to find time to fulfill his dreams of becoming one of the top athlete in this country.

Way to go Muscleman! Our entire family is proud of your achievements.


  1. Anonymous12:12 am

    Hehe...now we know that your surname or ur maternal's surname is Lee.

    Well done to your uncle! If only our able-bodied athletes could emulate their success.

  2. Anonymous1:09 am

    Bravo! bravo!...Congrats Mr Lee.

  3. Congratulations to ur uncle! :D

  4. Bravo to ur uncle... If i'm blind I sure always 'long piak' one. I salute sama dia!!!

  5. Syabas Uncle Lee! Malaysia Boleh!

  6. Anonymous1:13 pm

    WOWOWOW...salute man.

    we always complain is hard to acomplish something but these folks do it /done it and without any whine ....salute

    by the way, the word verfication is : omoudmb (alljointogether).

    if i comment a few more times at your blog, i'll go blind ....mch

  7. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Wah!! your uncle so power wan!!!


  8. Anonymous5:50 pm

    wahh terror lah!!
    but i better stand far far when he throws that spear.

  9. UAHH! Congratulations to your uncle!!

    He must have a good sense of direction horr? How does he make sure he throws it in the right direction?

  10. Anonymous12:11 am

    wah....make our country proud. Mr Lee Boleh!!!

  11. so Mr Lee... maybe me n u r connected... muahahaha

  12. eh.. wayy.. cool... way to go ur uncle!!

    too bad were not doing as well in DOHA..

  13. Anonymous10:10 am

    Yay... way to go man this Mr Lee!! Congrats to him!! But really hor when he throw that time hor better stand far far a bit la if not later kena the spear means mati lah!!!!

  14. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Waaah!! Your family got 2 sportsmen hor. Uncle Lee and you.
    You take part in sumo wrestling right?

  15. Anonymous10:03 pm

    sure boh, dont simply go claim so Gold Medalist as your chan-chik ar ... hahhaa


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