14 December 2006

The Morning Cup Chicago Amadika

Was doing my regular daily stats check when I saw some unusual enormous traffic coming from an identified source ..... I thot someone whacked me or something but it turned out that one of my article in Rojaks Daily were being picked up by Bob Messenger, the author of The Morning Cup Chicago, a food and beverage news related website.

Ahmah ngo duck jor la! I m in Amadika liow! Ngek ngek ngek!

If you wanna take a look at The Morning Cup click HERE

This has been another kembang post brought to you by The Rojaks Daily! Dun jeles can?!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:45 am

    Fuiyoh!! Keng!!

    The link doesn't link to your article worr! It's archived edi!




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