20 December 2006

Creative Condom Packaging

If you see post lidis then there can only be a few reason, either I m sick ledi or I m too lazy OR I m farking busy!

This time its farking busy so instead of a full post i'll just post photos of some condom packaging from Taiwan i got from ahnel for you all to enjoy.

Passport condom packaging

this is how the condom are packed in the passport condom from united states of condom

Bikini style condom even got nipples one!

This one pack like lucky start, not really creative right?

does this even looks like there is a condom inside?

this looks like a windshield sticker kinda thingy, condom in the car?

Lollipop condom! lol

erm .. female condoms? i doubt that guys wanna carry this around ....

Another very femine packaging .... kenot be male condom guah?

condom in ciggy style packing

Glow in the dark condom! thanks to cynthia!

In this modern world we living in, everything is about packaging now! Difficult to belif that the main item is actually the product inside the packaging but the cost of packaging is actually more than the cost of the product itself. Furthermore the packaging is useless once you get your hands on the products. What a waste of natural resources!



  1. Anonymous4:23 pm

    the last one is not monster, but glow in the dark.

    either it is TOO small or TOO big..also considered monster ah? =)

  2. Anonymous5:29 pm

    lol.. some dont even look like condoms. more like those cutesy jap hello kitty things. keeps ppl frm being too shy to be found with condoms ya?

  3. so u enjoy it onot? :D

  4. Anonymous12:48 am

    last time is instant condom.. now is macam macam mia condom... LOL

  5. Anonymous1:56 am

    WHERE CAN BUY!!!!! i wan i wan

  6. Anonymous11:37 am

    I wan hello kitty condoms. can supply anot?


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