17 December 2006

Hu is the President of China not Yassir!

I blog about this jokes back in April 2005 in this entry HERE Today I received a more advance version of it in my email.

The previous one were in text only today we got a Video err ... kinda like a video but at least you dont hafta read.

Before I show you the video and in order for you to understand the whole story, there is a few things i would like you to know first.

1. This is Hu, He is currently the President of China

2. This is Bush, unfortunately He is still The President of Amadika

3. This is Condi Rice and unfortunately she is also still the National Security Advisor of Amadika.

4. This is Yasser, hes is currently no longer with us anymore.

5. This is Kofi, he is the Ex UN guy.

Now after you met all the character in the story ... go ahead and listen to the "video" below .... and please dont laugh so loud ok?

After Listening to the Video... can you pls tell me ... Hu is the President of China?


  1. Anonymous6:52 am


    so who's the leader in china?

  2. Anonymous9:13 am

    i still laft at this jokes
    i think this joke kanot be season....

  3. proves that american leaders are really stupid

  4. Anonymous2:08 pm

    One of my friend's surname is HU, I wonder this ever happen to him or not? LOL~!

  5. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Simple things made complicated! Kakaka.

  6. Anonymous6:23 pm

    LOL... both also damn sohai... how to lead the country ah?

  7. Anonymous1:03 am

    wah damn it..so damn 9 funny la..i laughed til i awaken my dad..LOL

  8. actually i wonder how did the person made the convo. it's not like a recording of those 2 making a fool of themselves not knowing the difference between who and Hu, coffee and Kofi as well as yes sir and Yassir and the recording leaked out into the internet. if it did then the US will already made a fuss.

  9. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Hu: I am Hu la
    Bush: Who?
    Hu: Hu la
    Bush: Who?
    Hu: Hu la tiu
    Bush: Why you tiu me?
    Hu: Since when I tiu u, I am Hu la.
    Bush: You dont even know who you are,tiu
    Hu: Okie that's it

    China launched first nuclear warhead on USA.

  10. Anonymous4:01 pm

    China do not have a President.

  11. Anonymous10:36 pm

    LOL This is an absolutely fine piece of grade-A quality GREAT vid! Got the e-mail of this joke in text 3 years ago, and I thought that was funny...man this vid rocks lol And kevin, China does have a President, its Hu Jintao. He's the leader of the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party. Political structures with a President does not always have to follow the one resembling the US. Did you know Iraq has 1 President and 2 Prime Ministers? I think France has a President too, not too sure though. But anyway, in such governments, the President is more a figurehead than a Commander-in-Chief.


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