1 December 2006

You Know that You are Fehmes When .....

Someone thot your blog is educational!!! lol!

I got this inkambing link and i decided to check it out .... then i stumbled upon this forum and begin reading .... one of the post really caught my attention :

Seriously ... there is nothing much you can learn from rojaks expect Laugh ... yea learn to Laugh!!! this is a laughing skool, tho sometime also kena learn to fark la! no fark no fun mah!

Would be nice to be able to see what kinda fusion blog this bunch of younsters could come up with. Once their blog is up I put a link up ok? I wish them success in their blog project.

Dun jeles can??!!! lemme kembang abit can??!!!


  1. Anonymous11:46 am

    u are fehmes.. no doubt...

  2. Anonymous5:38 pm

    kekeke..i oso learn something here. When you wan to start new lesson?

  3. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Thanks for the support! We'll do our best to not let you down...



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