17 December 2006

Anime Cosplay Inspired Cafe Lure Diners with Maid Costume

Anime themed restaurant is really gonna be the next thing in restaurant industries, this is probably due to the fact that some years ago, lotsa teenagers love watching these anime series from Japan and now they are working class adults and anime themed restaurant is something they can really relates to.

No, sorry there isnt any Dragon Balls theme restaurant yet but there is this Cafe in Toronto Canada that is called iMaid Cafe. All their waitresses are dressed in maid costume which the boss specially order from Japan.

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The whole restaurant are decorated in black and white just like the color of their maid costume. The owner of Imaid Cafe, Aaron Wang said he got the idea while watching news on China television a few years ago.

Read more bout it from the article below :

French maids lure diners to cartoon-inspired cafe

TORONTO - A tiny eatery decorated almost completely in black and white is creating a big buzz in Toronto but it's not the decor getting attention -- it's the servers, who all wear French maid outfits.

With servers in black mini-skirts, long socks and white aprons, the cafe is believed to be the first in Canada to mimic the cartoon-inspired restaurants devoted to "costume play", or cosplay, that first appeared in Japan a few years ago.

Owner Aaron Wang, 24, who opened the iMaid Cafe this summer, got the idea for the theme after seeing a piece about a maid cosplay restaurant on the television news in China.

"I call them maids not waitresses," said Wang, who moved to Canada from Beijing six years ago.

"They smile a lot and they are cute. I want somebody cute like the characters from cartoons -- big eyes, long hair and young."

Cosplay, which originated in Japan, is a combination of the words "costume" and "play". In cosplay, people dress as characters from Japanese animation, as well as graphic manga novels and video games. Cosplay can also refer to someone simply wearing a costume.

Wang wanted to open a restaurant that would be different from other traditional Hong Kong and Chinese restaurants in Toronto, a cosmopolitan city where two million of the 4.6 million people are foreign born. The largest minority group is the Chinese population, which is 410,000.

He ordered the costumes from Japan at a cost of about C$200 (89 pounds) each.

"I want people to come to the restaurant and to feel like home," he said, adding that about 70 percent of his clientele is Asian.

The iMaid Cafe, which serves a mix of Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Western food, is situated in Toronto's Scarborough suburb about a 30 minute drive from Toronto's city centre.

Waitress Cindy Wang -- who is not related to the owner -- has worked at the cafe since it opened and has encountered only positive reactions from customers.

"I like it here because the uniform is lovely," she said.

Tania Andrade, 17, and her friend Benjamin Coutinho, 17, who are regulars at the iMaid Cafe and enjoy the atmosphere and the server's outfits.

"A lot of people may tip them more for how they dress," said Coutinho.


Shopfront of iMaid Cafe in Toronto

First we have this Naughty Nurse Restaurant in Arizona and now iMaid cafe from Toronto .... anyone wanna open one in Malaysia yet? There is big money to be made ok? We all are a bunch of suckers for anime! not to mention kinky bunch too!


  1. sg has one too. it's called Cosafe in Chijmes

  2. Anonymous5:25 pm

    I think if open at times square . I am sure will visit it everyday :)


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