4 December 2006

Singapore Celebrity Blogger Xiaxue Stuffing herself Silly with Cheezels in a TV show

Got tipped off by Suanie.net about the existance of this video where Singapore Celebrity blogger, Xiaxue stuffed herself silly with cheezels in a tv show ....

How and Why she does it? Well i derno ... i m just here to provide you with the entertaiment factor only! :P

Somneone in the video mentioned that Xiaxue can stuffs 40 cheezels in her mouth!!! OMFG!!! so big meh??!!!



Anyone wanna know how many cheezels i can stuff into my mouth anot?! come! come! interbiu me!!! WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Stuff cheezels wor! WUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I LAfU XiaXue Dip Dip!!!! Shes so leng~~~~


  1. cheezels wtf? I put batu bata in ur mouth, even better :D

  2. Anonymous4:35 pm

    wtf..8 alredy macam babi hutan..xiaxue sucks kok..

  3. suanie : u just jeles bcoz xiaxue so leng!!! LOL!!!

    yatz : wuah dun say my aujeong lidat la! LMAO!!!

  4. Anonymous5:02 pm

    i oni stuff cheeb**is in my mouth wan!!

  5. good leh! meaning she can stuff 2 fat cocks in her mouth at once! got prospect in porn industry!

  6. Anonymous7:46 pm

    My brain hurts from trying to make sense out of that video...
    (So this is how they came up with the definition of "idiot box"....)
    (And I mean that in the best way possible - Go XiaXue! 3 Cheers for you on your quest to bring laughter and joy to the world in the package of a blonde mahjong playing singaporean girl who stuffs Cheezels in her mouth for fun!)

  7. heard she frequently photoshops her pics in her blog. so did she photoshop herself in the vid as well?

    *im just being sarcastic*

  8. she wanna show off how good she can do BJ ah? LOL

  9. so cheap meh.wah getting from bad to worse her antics.
    there is salvation though,the size of her oral cavity will improve with further training.
    give her 3 months she should be able to mouth 40 tiny japanese microdick

  10. Anonymous10:20 pm

    urgh.. i dont like her..
    she is proving to the world that she has got a BIG MOUTH!

  11. ahpek : how u gonna stuff cheeb** into your mouthhhh??!!

    wuching : 2 oni mehh??? still got space leh!

    j: make sense??!! MAKE SENSE?!!! alo! this is XX we toking bout u no?!! MAKE SENSE??!!! LOL!!

    ee wei : she photoshop anot also look so "leng" one la!!! lol

    kenny : wuah ur komen so 3 kap wan

    daredevil : 40?!!! 40 chopsticks izzit?

    sharon : me too!! i like u more!!! *wink wink*

  12. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Big mouth veli leng wan..can do alot of things wan , you know!!

  13. she oso got horse in 1 show but i forgot the name ledi...

    mahai...reli big da mouth...

  14. Anonymous9:06 am

    Wah liao big mouth la... can stuffs 8 cheezels at once.. So sure all the guys like la like dat especially Ace... hihihi

  15. Anonymous2:32 pm

    This shallow and ugly slut's 15 mins of fame is over, her stupid TV show will sure get low ratings and be cancelled. Xia Xue will then get AIDS from resorting to porn to make a living.

  16. Anonymous10:46 pm

    dunno how many cocks she can fit in one time ar?

    anti xia xue ...


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