5 December 2006

Weight Lost Blog by Japanese Health Ministers

I think the key to everything is "balance" too much jokes also later will become stale wan. Therefore once a while there will be post of "interesting" news from around the world to compensate the Xfactor u been getting daily from this blog.

Apart from news you also get to update yourself with news around the world chun anot?!!

Today we got this news from Japan, their health minister wanna start a Diet Blog! How about that! Way to go man!!!

I think very soon their ministers will also start a jokes blog also, sorta to keep their subject entertained ... that could lower the crime rate rite?

Diet blog for Japanese ministers

Japan's health ministry has taken radical steps to get its message on obesity across - it has put two of its top officials on a public diet.

Vice-ministers Noritoshi Ishida and Keizo Takemi have pledged to shed at least 5kg (11lb) each.

They will chart their progress in a blog on the ministry website over the next six months.

The site will include information on how much exercise the men take each day and what they drink.

"I can't run or hide any longer, once the blog starts," Mr Takemi said.

The vice-minister, who is 166cm (5ft 5in) tall and weighs 84kg, said he had to lead from the front.

"Considering my position as a vice-minister of health, I felt I had to do something about it," Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun quoted him as saying.

Mr Ishida says he will walk for 10 minutes every day and stop using elevators.

"I have given myself a challenge and decided to open up the diary of my struggle," he wrote in the blog.

The ministry is trying to highlight the dangers of a poor diet. Obesity is increasing in Japan and officials fear a rise in related illnesses such as diabetes.

The blog, which will run for six months, will be updated with the men's measurements, and include photos showing their weight loss.


I think its about time I start dieting also ... very soon i will outgrown all the sizes they have here in Malaysia! *sigh*


  1. Anonymous3:15 am

    You very de fat meh????

  2. Anonymous4:55 am

    no one will c ge ler..imagine abdullah said he wanna blog = ="
    btw guy go learn losing weight very san fu also good.coz guys alwayz wan thin gal and never tot of their feelins


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