30 December 2006

The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur

When we announced that we would like to throw a party for bloggers and blogs readers at The Federal Hotel, someone asked me this "Where is Federal Hotel ar?"

Wah lau eh .... not so long ago (during my parents time lar) Federal Hotel is like THE Hotel of Kuala Lumpur, its the most happening hotel in the whole of Malaysia and my parents wanted so much to go to the top of Federal Hotel's revolving restaurant to dine but of coz back then they cant afford it.

A bit of background check on The Federal hotel reveals that it is built in 1957, details below :

A landmark hotel built in 1957 for the independence celebration of Malaya. This symbol of modern KL has witnessed the growth and developement of the city from its proime location in the heart of Bukit Bintang which in turn is the commercial and entertaiment hub of KL.

Most of the time when I got guests coming from abroad into KL and they wanted to go on a shopping spreemost of the time i would put them up in Federal Hotel as it is conviniently located in the center of the golden triangle. Its surrounded by all the shopping centres and food stalls and not forgetting it is just next to Low Yat plaza too!

On top of that their room rates are pretty attractive too, the rooms is clean and comfortable. On top of that I just learn recently from an email I received that Federal Hotel just did a soft refurbishment to most of the rooms and public area :

Federal Hotel has implemented soft refurbishment

- change of carpets for all corridors and Deluxe Rooms and an improvement of amenities.
We have added a new restaurant Yi Qi on the ground floor and Deleney's the Irish Pub has moved in from the Grand Plaza Park Royal Hotel.

With all this development, the hotel is looking very fresh and vibrant

Now there is even more reason to stay in Federal Hotel if you decided to visits KL.

And if you got no where to go during this New Year Eve, you could head on to The Federal Hotel KL, they got this canto pop band named HERO that will be doing the countdown with you!

Details below :

Click on the above image to enlarge it.

Federal Hotel will also be one of the sponsor in the bloggers gathering that will be held on the 9th of March 2007 in Federal Hotel.


  1. Larlinggg!!! Aiyoh, I so busy never visit for few days liao. Your wantan mee make me hungry like hungry ghost lah. In case I don't catch you later on, HAPPY NEW YEAR and may the year be filled with lots of sex, lots of good health, lots of money and more happy posts from Rojakz, ok?

    When you do the New Year's countdown, remember that I am biting nails getting my church website launched on that night. I only kelefeh, do small jobs oni but still, very tension you know. So, remember to ask yehsou tolong press the green button and no rotten tomatoes flying my way, ok?

  2. Anonymous5:49 am

    Our group used to hang out at the bowling alley in Federal Hotel and Jalan Alor. How come never see you there one?? or maybe we wallop you before LOL!

  3. Anonymous9:30 am

    Wei, i heard Federal Hotel got lots of nice Chickens wan ah? True wan ah?

  4. Anonymous11:32 am

    Happy New Year to U and ur family Wingzzzzz.......

  5. Anonymous4:26 pm

    the new generation only know the big names nowadays.. only old people like us know where Federal Hotel is =(

  6. Happy New Year sifu & family...

    May Rojaks stay farni owes... ;)

  7. Anonymous1:43 am

    Happy New Year. i guess in KL the countdown must b very fun :)

  8. Anonymous5:52 am

    5xmom..u sure u xtian ma?no offend k ahhaha

    daddy love to dimsum in federal hotel.but nothing rox there except har gao SIAN..

  9. tan sri, happy new year to u and ur family..


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