4 December 2006

Long Live Mat Rempit!!!

One more down and thousands more to go!!!

Car driver and passenger roughed up by biker gang members following fatal collision
02 Dec 2006

MALACCA, SAT.: A group of Mat Rempit roughed up the driver and passenger of a car which was involved in an accident with one of them in Bandar Hilir here.

The car driver, identified only as Tan, 20, and his passenger suffered bruises on their faces and bodies after they were attacked with helmets.

Motorcyclist Mohd Syukri Minhat, 18, from Simpang Semabok, died after losing control of his machine and colliding with the car.

Pillion-rider Mohd Welldone Johari, 17, from Taman Bukit Katil broke his left thumb.

State Police Chief Datuk Ayub Yaakop said the group were performing dangerous stunts and riding their machines recklessly when the accident occurred.

"When the car reached Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz traffic light, near the Century Mahkota Hotel, the Mat Rempit managed to force it to stop and pulled the two out of the car and started punching and hitting them with helmets.

"They fled after breaking the windscreen and taking the couple's handphones,” he said.

Ayub said police have identified six of the Mat Rempits, aged between 17 and 20, and will be arresting them soon.


Dun say I haksum la ... these kinda ppl if stay alive also waste oxygen n rice only, no contribution to the society one but still derno why some basket would wanna spend the public money on them!!! At least if i throw my money into the pond also can hear nice sound ....

Long live Mat Rempit!!! here is the latest Mat Rempit MTV i wanna show to u all.

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  1. Anonymous1:58 pm

    lol. Stupid la, Rempits. Dunno when will they wake up from their dreamland.

  2. They deserve to die

  3. Anonymous1:04 am

    wakakakakakakakakaka the sohai crash into the drain wan ... hahahaha

  4. Anonymous4:01 pm


  5. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Dai sei.


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