11 December 2006

Suzhou China - Mahjong Cake Craze

If you got friend(s) who is obsessed with mahjong then please get him/her this cake for his/her birthday. He/she will definitely love you deep deep!!!

Currently in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province China, this cake which is showing 4 "wind" east, west, north, south & "fatt" on the cake is very popular among mahjong's addict.

An employee displays the "Mahjong Cake" at a cake store in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province. The cake like the Chinese traditional game "mahjong" attracted more and more customers to look on. [Source]

From the look of the photo, i think the lady holding the cake is more interesting than the cake itself! LMAO!!

Pheeweettt~~~ liang lui!!!


  1. Anonymous7:36 pm

    that's pretty? omg puke. puke puke puke pukeeeeeee

  2. i dun wan blue cake...eww


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