5 December 2006

Most Happening Jeans This Season!!!

Girls! If you are wondering what kinda present you should get your boyfriend(s) or husband(s) this Christmas, WONDERS NO MORE!!!

Introducing this season most happening jeans that will make any man proud of their manhood!

Presenting Big Dicky Jeans! This will make your man walk with pride!! We guys loves to flaunt our asset too! Girls can flash their half boobs and we man now got chance to flash our "TOOL" already!!

Thank to Big Dicky Jeans! Come with Big Dicky plastic mould to help make your "TOOL" looks bigger than its actual size! Earlku wear ledi his 2 inches (after erection) also will looks like 4 inches wan!!

Wait no more! Call the number on your screen now and we throw in a dozens of free Pronto Condoms!!!

Click on the above image for a larger version

Offer Valid while stock last!

Call now! 1-800-9393-967 our operators are waiting!

Staffs and authors of kukujiao.com are banned from ordering!


  1. muahaha...mati pucuk later baru tau...

  2. ewww.. disgusting!!! Bluek! Haha.. maybe he wanted more air.. or something!

  3. Anonymous2:40 am

    aunty belle no good mood here after got dump.now if c sick guys wear those kinda dicky jeans THEY'L B MY TARGET FOR ME TO RELEASE MY ANGER.
    wingz wan mou? i hit u wan wan??

  4. Anonymous3:20 am

    i juz realise u asked me who dump me in my blog! u WAN LIKE THIS HURT ME MER?!

  5. that pikchure taken in melbourne wor! i go cari the jean here!

  6. Anonymous9:01 am

    Suffocating the kkj la!! Sumore got ppl wan to order meh????

  7. How the KKC can breath ah? But look at 70s that era, all jeans also like that ma... LOL

  8. veli chun and eye-catching !! Liddat more accidents and traffic jams . You look at me, i look at you and time stand still. (haha..)

  9. Anonymous11:04 am


  10. Anonymous11:12 am

    Hahaha Interesting blog INDEED! =)

  11. ahnel : our big dicky jeans gerenti wont make lu mati pucuk eh!

    plincess : how u know he wanted more air jek? ur bf got this jeans one ixzit? lol

    belle : I want!! i want!!! hit me pls!!! tie me up!! whip me pls!! drip wax on me pls!!!

    wuching : eh how u know its melb wan?

    wennn : no suffocating wan! got air ventilation wan! u think only women can show half balls mehhh we men also can wan!

    kenny : u try n see can breath anot la! lol

    dreamie : wah lan eh .. u guy or gal har?

    sasha : why u so sexcited jek?!!

    huei : tenkiu ... u also very lenglui indeed!!! *lau bei huet*

  12. i recognise the background..its at southbank!

  13. Anonymous9:33 pm

    OMG!! LOL!! the kkj die liao la. X_X


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