31 December 2006

Bangkok Ushering New Year with a Blast!

This is distrubing bcoz its so close to home and who knows whether this sicko trend will spread into our country anot?

lets hope things like this dont occur anymore in 2007.

Bangkok explosions leave two dead

A series of small explosions has left two people dead and at least 20 injured in the Thai capital, Bangkok.

At least six blasts at widely-scattered places occurred within an hour or so as streets were filling up with people ahead of New Year's Eve celebrations.

The city mayor ordered the cancellation of two major public celebrations and other smaller ones, AP reported.

Police do not believe foreign groups or militants from the Muslim south are to blame, says the BBC's Jonathan Head.

Our Bangkok correspondent says many Thais suspect the bombs were the work of opponents of the current military government, which forced Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from office in September.

The largest bomb or grenade explosion went off near a bus station next to one of Bangkok's busiest intersections, Victory Monument.

Police said this caused the biggest number of casualties.

Reports suggest the device was planted beneath a seat at a bus stop or in a rubbish bin.

One witness who was standing nearby, 17-year-old Chalermsak Sanbee told Reuters news agency:

"There was a big bang and people started screaming and running. I saw people with blood all over their legs and faces."

Other blasts occurred:

-close to a police post in the Saphan Kwai district
-at a car park in the Season Square shopping mall
-at a market in the Klong Toey district
-in the northern suburb of Kae Lai
-along Sukhumvit Road in the north-east



  1. Anonymous12:59 am

    Another display of madness that is spreading around the Globe. You're right Wingz, there is no place to hide when dealing with sickos. So sad news on first day of new year. :-(

  2. Anonymous12:16 pm

    when did that happen? sick people

  3. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Woi! hapcai no kena bomb hor?


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