18 December 2006

Linpeh Christmas Sing Song Project & 5xmom Christmas Contest!

Its that time of the year again! Xmas is kambing! Linpeh did anoder bloggers sing song project again, this time the theme is Rudolph in your house by Linpeh & Friends.

Dun play play this xmas song gonna top the chart this year and maybe can get nominated for "Granny" award too!

This song is a collective effort spearheaded by Linpeh and a dozens of local bloggers took part innit, kinda like the local bloggers community mia christmas present for all readers who celebrates christmas.

Here is the song :

Click here to download HERE

Bloggers participanting in this Christmas sing song project in alphabetical order.
1. 5xMom
2. Allison
3. Angel
4. Cocka
5. Crazy Girl
6. CY Gemini
7. Helen
8. Inevitable
9. JKN
10. John Ong
11. Kenny Ng
12. King's Wife
13. Lady Moon
14. Lin Peh
15. Little Patchi
16. LP
17. Matthew Kang
18. Rojak
19. Seng Kor
20. Simple American
21. Tiu Niasing

On top of that, 5xmom (Miss Lilian) is giving away hard cash to the winner of her contest! hows that?!!! (After she post that she earning US$12k per month on PPP)

In another few more minutes, we will launch the Rudolf song sung by many bloggers. I just came up with an idea. I got the song from LinPeh since Saturday but I can’t figure out which is my voice. I called all my sons to listen and they too didn’t catch which part is sung by me.

So, why not let you guys guess and in return, I give away two prizes of RM50 to the winners as a new year’s gift. But wait, there’s a catch to you. Here is how it works:

1) Any bloggers can participate
2) Overseas or local. I will get the amount remitted to you by Maybank/PayPal or in gift certificates (whichever is convenient)
3) You must embed the song in your blog
4) In your blog post, you have to complete this slogan :

Reading 5xmom is so………..(fill in your own words, 15 words max)
I don’t know the criteria for winning so don’t overdo the bodek (apple polishing) part ya? LOL.

5) The word 5xmom is to be linked to http://chanlilian.net
6) Closing date is Dec. 24th.
7) I will get LinPeh to tell which part is sung by me and get my good friend, Rojaks and his panel to choose the winners.
This way, you all cannot say I pilih kasih (no favouritism) wor.

Link to her contest HERE

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. LOL, Miss Lilian says tenkiu for the plug!

  2. Common...let's masuk the 5xmom context together ! hahaha !

  3. muahahahaahaa.... you guys are farnie

  4. Anonymous9:21 pm

    ..... why never call me wan? mahai!


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