28 December 2006

Bidor, Perak

I went to this place call Bidor in Perak yesterday because of work, Bidor is a very nice place and I enjoyed my drive along the way, little do I know driving in the countryside could be this therapeutic.

Unlike Kuala Lumpur, Bidor have lotsa space .... I love space, i felt so comfy when i see wide open space everywhere. There is no traffic, no cars, no mat rempit, no traffic lightsss, no jams!!!

I think this could be a very good place to retire in. Here are some of the nice photographs i took during my journey to Bidor.

The Way to Bidor

Bidor "City" Center maybe?

the trunk road to Langkap

one curved bridge

I got lost on the way to Langkap, here is where i stopped to ask for directions

One very very straight & empty road, How fast can i go?

Open space above the padi field underneath the blue sky.

Driving to Bidor is nice! I will no doubt to volunteer for more meeting in Bidor in the future!


  1. Wah, that last photo can be a desktop wallpaper!

    eh, didn't try Bidor's femes duck wantan noodle meh? ;)

  2. Wah, Uncle Wingz...u didn't try the ngap toi meen (duck drumstick noodle) in Bidor ar?? The famous wan ler... =>

  3. buaya69 : har? Bidor fehmes for duck wantan noodle wan??!!! arghhh now only i know!!!

    clare : i derno bidor fehmes for what one lerrr got map anot?

  4. Anonymous5:21 am

    eh lanjiao ... u go chui chak wo? blardy nice serene place ... got a few friends are from there ... from bidor to chu chak is bloody long road rite ... ahhaa and mahai those road ar all double line wan, if u unlucky followed this tractor jau hai lat la ... hahaha

    bidor, the duck drumstick mee is nice ... and they said in Bidor got this chee cheong fun also, at nite wan ...

  5. Anonymous11:31 am

    Wingzzz Bidor veri famous for the wantan noodle tat U like la... Also got the duck noodle.... U wan to know where ask Shireen la... her mummy my aunty likes it best and also the chillies lor...

  6. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Buaya69 & clare>> I wanted to ask the same thing as you two...

  7. Last time ah, eveli time my daddy drve to KL from Penang, we'll defnitely stop at Bidor to char siew fun. Dunno whether still got anot?

  8. Anonymous11:33 am

    Chui Chak? U mean catch thieves? :P

  9. eh bidor my hometown leh!!!

  10. Anonymous3:17 pm

    vortrack its actually more towards "sui chap" - means those water gate ... the one they have in pady fields ... coz the whole place are full of paddy fields.


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