6 December 2006

A-Look Eyewear Mines Wonderland

Yesterday, the frame of my spectacles decided to quit on me ... so today i goto mines wonderland to get a pair of new frame before i go blind.

Walk around then i found this shop at the lower ground floor advertising Frame+Lense only for RM138

If frame + lense = RM138 then if frame only should be cheaper rite? WRONG!

Then I asked the sales fler :

Me : Why RM120 only for the frame?
Sales : Because, this is the RM198 package sir.
Me : You mean if next time if i decided to change the lense you will only charge me RM78 only?
Sales : no sir it dont work that way.
Me : ok lar change lar change la ... i m rushing for a meeting can you make it fast?
Sales : err .. sir I wanna tell you hor ... bcoz u come here to change frame, if during the changing process and we broke your lenses ... we will not be helf responsible one hor
Me : Look! The broken set of spectacles are made here wan! it was made by you guys and if you guys dunno how to handle the lense and the frame then who else know?
Sales : err ..
Me : Just do it ok?! I dont have much time to spare!

Most of the time, when it comes to advertisement ... what you read is not what you gonna get! I m wearing my 1st gold kaler Goldfish uncle spec and am currently RM120 poorer.

Anyone could spare me any loose change? pulez??


  1. Wuah, Goldfish Uncle? Like that I must put out warning to my kid's friends lor. LOL.

  2. Advertisement always con people one la... like Hard Rock is not rock at all. Damn KNN MCH lor...

  3. Anonymous3:27 pm

    hahaha.....gold fish uncle specs....wingz, u change profession to b a "kam yu lou" already ha now?

    like this, sell 'waste' better....haha

  4. Anonymous4:32 pm

    should have told him, "ok la...but if i break your arm horr...cos u break my lens horr... i canot be held responsible horr"...moron...

  5. WASEH .. Uncle Wingz, i can imagine you sure looking veli hansem with your gold fish specs.

    Pssst.. got piomei follow you anot??

  6. Anonymous12:14 am

    Goldfish unker?? You new nickname ar??

  7. Anonymous2:03 am

    remember 1 lorry came and round round uor place and say
    tilam tilam
    tilam lama tukar baru..

  8. Anonymous11:48 am

    Aiyo Wingz.. now no more trend wear glasses la.. buy contact lenses la then nobody will call U "goldfish uncle"...

  9. I can spare you my frames because I have 8 pair of eye glasses.

  10. Anonymous3:55 pm

    huh!? are you calling me?? :p


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