24 December 2006

AirTouch Waterproof Foldable and Portable Keyboard

Seriously i dont really like typing on a notebook keyboard as the keys are small (or maybe I got big fingers?) and furthermore the keys are so cramped together, not to mention the lack of a keypad is also one of the main reason i dislike the keyboard that comes woth all the notebooks computers.

I always wanted something protable, light and yet can be expandable to a full fledge keyboard so i can carry it around with me in my notebook case.

I found this waterproof, foldable keyboard at Mines IT city today. Not only i found this keyboard but I also found my long lost brader Steve Siew whois now the Assistant Manager at one of the store in Mines It city.

Steve recomended me to this AirTouch Keyboard. Note that this keyboard is not only protable, its also foldable (you can roll it up or fold it up) and best of all its waterproof! Now you can spill coffee all over your keyboard and not worrying that it wont work anymore!

The rubberised key are very responsive and very ergonomic too! all you need is a flat surface and viola! you got yourself a full fledge portable keyboard! Its even claim that this keyboard is indestructable .... to which i very much doubt so!

Indestructable anot this is definitely a must have gadget of the year if you hated the crampy notebook keyboard that comes with your notebook computer.

The best part of all .... the pricetag on this wondeful keyboard! With something as wonderful as this your might think it will cost well over 100 ringgit rite? WRONG!!! its only RM39.90!!! Hows that?! Heck even a normal logictech keyboard cost more than RM39.90 rite?!!

Below are the photos i took at Steve's shop.

AirTouch Foldable, Portable and waterproof keyboard.

You can fold the keyboard for easy storage.

Bright red LED to inform you of your caps,scroll and num lock status.

Full size foldable, portable and waterproof keyboard

Indestructable? nahh .. try fire, fire will do wonders! lol

AirTouch keyboard ... yeah that name is abt weird ... i know lol

The price Tag : RM39.90 only! Mana mau cari??!!!

Nah! here is his contact infos if you wanna look for him!

This is the address of the shop he is working in. Other than this wonderful keyboard that shop also got lotsa sell all kinda pc/notebooks related products and spare parts. So if you are living around that area you could give him a call and check with him first.

He promised me to give you guys spesel discount if you tell him Rojaks recomend wan. If he dont give you tell me ok? I send linpeh go rape his dog!

and no ... this is not a sponsored post! :)


  1. Anonymous8:41 am

    wei don bluff lah!! he got give you one free keyboard to write this, right?

  2. Anonymous11:24 am

    I know you buy this for yourself as X'mas present wan. So that now you tfk in front of the PC dun have to worry will spoil the keyboard ledi!

  3. ahpek : tarak free la! that farker dem kiamsiap wan!

    bryan : wuahahaha!! good idea wei! this keyboard ngam aceone use!

  4. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Wah chun ah tat keyboard!! Spill water also can still use.... Wingzz I like can I ask Father Christmas (Ace) for tat as pressis ah??

  5. Anonymous12:46 am

    this keyboard vely difficult to press one...how to play game like that?

  6. Anonymous5:18 pm

    heyhey! i have the exact keyboard but it's not very nice to type actually..

  7. Anonymous12:19 am

    bluff wan wei..i went n buy this keyboard at elife...they actualy selling for rm49. so i have to buy it in some other shop...hahah...not nice to type but cool keyboard..thanks


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