7 December 2006

Whose Bike is this? PCH 3704

This Motorcycle license plate no. PCH 3704 had been left unattended in front of our office since Monday. We asked everyone in this place noone seems to know how left it there nor no one come forward to claim it.

We made a police report yesterday but still no one come to take a look also.

So anyone who knows the owner of Motorcycle with lisence plate no. PCH 3704 please send me an email at rojaks.wingz@gmail.com

We suspect the owner of this motorcycle is studying or studied in TAR college (in TAR Sg. Long maybe?)

See the TAR stickers on the fender there?

PCH 3704

Whole bike ... still in 1 piece ...

PCH 3704 .... remember to buy this number!!!

Would someone come forward to claim this bike before those flers sold it to the besi buruk guy?

Tenkiu ... this is anoder public service by The Rojaks Daily!


  1. Anonymous1:44 pm

    maybe it belongs to the guy that got murdered the other day?

  2. Anonymous2:24 pm

    after 2 days can lelong aledi, or give it to lim peh f.o.c, lim peh wanna use it as transpolt to forward quismas plesents to every chidren in the poulty.

  3. I think TAR sure have a record of the bike. If not, go take one round and make a video like the Mat Rempit lor. Can become famous also.

  4. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Belongs to Phua Chu Kang's(PCK) brother lah.

  5. Guess it must be stolen lor, otherwise the owner will not be parking here for so long. If still park here any longer, do a lelong sale or eBay the thing for the tidy sum :) Cheers!

  6. sasha : who got murdered??? who who??!!

    ckyeo : give to u? i sell kedai besi buruk better!

    frostier : go back hometown? leave it here for my care? kakakakaka .. yea rite!

    papi : yar but which TAR leh?

    ahpek : PCK brader mia moto got yellow tayar wan wor!

    joec : yar i suspest stolen also .. but we call our mister polisman ledi .. but they fark me no free!

  7. Anonymous6:08 pm

    sell to besi buruk only la~

  8. Anonymous6:14 pm

    wingz we sell it
    u 10% i 90%

  9. Anonymous7:09 pm

    besi buruk 1 kg rm4.15 only...

    the motor how many kg??

  10. Must be Mat Rempit punya motor... wait!!! Penang mari punya wor...

    according so sasha's comment, the murder case was new bike, not this old one.

  11. Anonymous11:47 pm

    If nobody claim it, give it to AhNel. He needs transport in KL leh!!LOL.

  12. Lelong the bike lah!!!!

  13. uhh.. where's your office anyways? taman rakan too??

  14. Anonymous10:12 am

    Aiya nobody cum and claim U hv it la!! Free transport ma!! Good for U la, U can take go to work everyday lor!!!

  15. Anonymous10:05 pm

    tiu must be some fella who stole the bike ... noo that he finished using it for some hijack or snatch case - he left it there la ... biasa la ...


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