10 December 2006

Protect Your Manhood! Use Only Original!

Manhood is the most important jewel of a man, we will plotek it with whatever means possible!

But sometimes ... our asian kiasu-ism culture will takeover our consciences and we ended up doing stupid stuffs that will hurt our manhood.

I bet you been getting lotsa spam emails from online pharmacies telling you how you could get cheap viagra thru them like the one below :

Then when we asian hear the word "Cheap" own surname also can forget la! Its inevitable that some suckers will fall for this and ended up with the wrong kinda viagra not to mention the kinda damages that will be inflcted on their "manhood"

As long they are still suckers out there who is willing to believe that they can get cheap medication I think this kinda scam will go on.

The point is .... I wanna stress to you (all men) how important is your manhood to you! Today with the help of 2 muay thai boxers in the video below, you will learn the importance of your manhood and you will learn how to protect your manhood with all means possible!

See see? you can punch their face! you can kick their ass! But they will protect their manhood even if it means they will hafta let you punch their lengjai face!

Use oni the original! dun buy cheap immitation manhood products!


  1. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Yahlor! Family jewels comes first mar!

  2. donald : ya la! die die also must plotek!!! lol


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