28 December 2006

Whose Egg Contest

I m not that superstitious but over the years i noticed that, the end of the year is where all the bad stuffs happens. On a larger scale there is this earthquake in Taiwan on boxing day something smaller would be the flood down south and of course my life is also in a bloody mess at this current time. Therefore, I concluded that year end SUCKS!

Ahbeng & Ahock are neighbours and one day Ahock's chicken laid an egg on Ahbengs front door, Ahock saw this and when Ahbeng try to take that egg Ahock called out to him :

Ahock : oi! thats my egg!
Ahbeng : Nabeh! what your egg? Its in front of my door so its mine.
Ahock : Farkiu la! The chicken is mine and of coz its eggs is also mine! now gimme back my egg!
Ahbeng : No way! This egg is on my property, so its mine!

This time Ahock behsong ledi ... he fast fast come out with a plan ...

Ahock : Ok fine! lets settle this like a man!
Ahbeng : Come la! sked u got bulu ka? How to settle?
Ahock : In the ancient time, if got dispute over eggs they will have a contest and who win will be the rightful owner of the eggs.
Ahbeng : What competition?
Ahock : Since we are arguing about egg, lets do it this way .... we will kick each others balls once and who takes longer time to get up consider lost! how? u dare to try anot?
Ahbeng : Come la!
Ahock : ok I kick you first.

Ahbeng then take his stand and get ready to be kicked in the balls. Ahock takes his aim and kicked Ahbeng in the balls as hard as he could!

Ahbeng fell to the ground holding his nuts screaming like a sissy, this goes on for about 15 minutes before Ahbeng could gather enuff strength to stand up. Then Ahbeng Says to Ahock :

Ahbeng : Ok u get ready ... now my turn!
Ahock : KAKAKAKAKA!!! Sohai ar lu? I m not gonna let u kick me in the balls la! U keep the farking egg la! I lose la! KAKAKAKAKA!!!


  1. Anonymous3:13 am


  2. Anonymous9:05 am

    Hahahha so sohai! >.<

  3. Anonymous10:20 am

    I've seen so many funny blogs, but this blog is the best, you guys really make me laugh everytime I visit. Haha Thanks guys and way to go

  4. niabeh, i tot the chicken gonna say the eggs belongs to me.

  5. Anonymous12:48 pm

    LoL! Ah Beng gong gong. XD

  6. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Wakakaka..so sohai indeed!

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  8. Anonymous11:26 pm

    do u guys actually sing that song "try to remember" at the sidebar? that is real GOOD!!!

  9. belle : same like u also!!! ebil!!!

    huei : wai! you girl u know?!! demure abit can anot?

    chris : the pleasure is all mine! its nice to make ppl smile, what else laugh. Tenkiu for your laughters :)

    lmf : u lost your eggs??!!! u got eggs??!!!

    lehbit : ahbeng got the lisence to gong lol

    ace : haha sohai lehh

    ckyeo : no ler not kena con la! ahbeng won the competition la!

    diana : i wish! LOL! the song is by "The Brothers Four" back in thse old old time ler

  10. read also painful.. ouch...

  11. Anonymous12:32 am

    LMAO!!so damn 9 funny.best joke for the week.ur joke really make my day after all those slow internet connection problems

  12. Anonymous5:17 am

    wow man that was hilarious.oh god i almost fell off my chair laughing.now i have to visit your blog regularly.
    nice blog man.

    and please do check out keepv.com.thanks.


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