11 December 2006

Haze Rap MTV - a Malaysia Production

I seldom impressed with local productions but this one really proves me wrong! It was done by a group of teens, nothing like the professionally done MTV but heck ... but givent he limited available resources this is dem cool ledi!

What they did here is kinda like a fusion of chinese canto plus Malay rap ... very good mix i must say.

Sommo this is not those gila gila rap that you dun understand a shit they saying, this song got message wan! Seriously ... these guys are good!

Anyone know who they are?



  1. nice nice ...i sapot kao kao...tis is reli a nice song ever...

    ribuan ribuan terima kasih rakyat indonesia,

    wahai indonesia dari rakyat malaysia,
    terima kasih jadi negara kami syurga,
    bakar hutan sampai tiada nyamuk sudah,
    awal lagi bolih menikmati hidup selesa...

    ribuan ribuan terima kasih...

  2. Anonymous1:29 am

    Done by this guy from speechlessone.blogspot.com

  3. Anonymous1:45 am

    dang. wingz, can u delete the post above (si fragster) =.=; tq

    it's not done by me, i got the link from my fren.

  4. Wicked cool and got to respect them.

  5. Anonymous5:37 am

    best best best.....

    thanks indonesia... ;)
    love u guys..

  6. Anonymous8:11 am

    Good song tat they made!1 Very very true all thanks to the Indonesian!!

  7. Anonymous11:36 pm

    fark! not bad man! now only i notice tat msian can still do good music! support kao kao the lyrics.

  8. omg..i love this mtv~

    the tune is catchy. sapport!!!


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