10 December 2006

China : Weird Couple Divorced before Marriage

This is the incidents that will happen if a country progress too fast ... you will get all kinda newly developed social disease emerging from everywhere.

This is prolly due to the fact that their citizens could not catch up with the over rapid progress and therefore they will develope a set of weird behaviours, pretending they are already adapted themselves to the current progress.

I am talking about this couple in China who signed a contract agreeing to divorce each other even before they got married!

This interesting incident happened in Shenzhen where a 30 yrs old female agrred to marry her fiance only if he agreed to divorce her in 8 years time! WTF!!!

If I m that guy ... might as well remain single and kau sommo piao meis rite? why wanna waste lots n lotsa money on a wedding that will only last for 8 years?

WTF is happening to this world mannnn!!!

Couple sign eight-year contract

A couple have signed an unusual contract at a registry office in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

Qing, 30, a freelance magazine writer, required her fiance, an architect, to sign a contract agreeing to a divorce in eight years before they registered for a marriage certificate on Monday.

The contract stipulated that the couple would return to the registry office for the divorce in eight years' time.

Qing said she did not want to be tied down by the marriage.

New Express Daily


Call me old fashion ... this is totally insane!


  1. Anonymous10:18 am


    Then marry for what, for diu meh....

  2. yea..i argee wif u might as well dun marry like dat..haha

  3. Anonymous3:11 pm

    You tfk until stupid di ah? Got 8 years FREE SEX you don't want ah? ROFLMAO...

  4. we never know the reason behind, maybe the lady is planning to be a nun after 8 years.. =P

  5. Anonymous5:19 pm

    no wonder you're banned in china :)

  6. ckyeo : Bingo! they memang kahwin for diu only! lol

    kelly : well ... maybe they just wanna have sex legally only leh?

    bryan : free??!!! divorce that time kena pay wan leh!

    chris : yea ok ... u got me thinking for a minute there lol! nun?!!

    ed : yea ... so sad innit ?


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