29 November 2006

Fluctuation la!

Mahcibai .... Linpeh made me rap in his xmas sing song plojek!! he forced me wan!!! if not nice dun fark 9 me!!! I spent 3 freaking hours on that 12 seconds rap! mahai ... I told him i m not rap material but he dun belif!!!

This post i dedicate to all Malaysians who is currently overseas working or studying or aeropane jumping or cheok chou-ing .... some of you might experience this before ... if not ... well maybe you wanna try it someday lol!

P.S. Those of you who dint get the joke, read my explaination at the bottom of this post ok?

If you derno yet by now .... nvm I will tell you again!

Last time Linpeh after finish secondary skool his oldman send him goto America to further his studies and that time exchange rate between Ringgit Malaysia and US dollar is at RM2.50 to USD1.00 and that time Linpeh first time go oversea so he abit ahbeng lidat la!

First first Linpeh go this Currency Exchange booth in New York with RM2,000 and he got USD850 from the money exchange guy ... after Linpeh press press his calculator to make sure he got the correct amount, he left the currency exchange booth.

2 Weeks after that Linpeh go back to the same place again, this time Linpeh bring RM5,000 and by his calculation he knew he should get at least USD2,000 from the Currency Exchange booth.

When the money clerk hand him his money Linpeh count count only got USD1,900 only! So Linpeh also beh happy ledi la! He confronted the clerk and asked him :

Linpeh : Hellow! Why you gimme less??!! Last time i got 2.5! Gimme two thousand Lollar! I want my two thousand Lollar!!!
Clerk : Fluctuation !!!!
Linpeh : What???
Clerk : Fluctuation!
Linpeh : PARDON ME?!!! *Linpeh ask again in disbelif*
Clerk : What is wrong with you asians? Fluctuation!!! Fluctuation!!! Fluctuation!!!

Linpeh hear that word ledi suddenly very very very the tulan, he took a few step back from the booth and shout loud loud



Linpeh thot he heard the clerk said "FARK YOU ASIANS!" instead of fluctuation!


  1. Anonymous3:40 am

    neh tahan
    lidat also cant!!!!!!!
    thz to u la i still can smile after got dumped

  2. Anonymous5:28 am

    Wah evryday is a laughter la when cum to ur blog! Now can't wait to hear u rap in Lin Peh's sing song project!! I'm sure it will be fine!

  3. Anonymous9:00 am

    Ha ha ha! Linpeh like LeiLouTau, quite 'patriotic' eh? Ha ha ha!

  4. Anonymous9:03 am

    veri good stuff. made me smile too. wasn't a very good day. but yeah, you did good to bring smileys to us.!!!!

  5. Anonymous9:06 am

    hahhaaa.. good joke!

  6. Anonymous9:51 am

    Farkuasians is good! If not we won't be earning as good in USD right now. LoL...

  7. Anonymous11:43 am

    -_-" *sweats*

  8. VERY FARNY but i just realised.. ur clerk must be one new spesies of amadikan cos he speaks the 'lah'!

  9. LOL... Lin Peh really did that? U kena sing rap ah? Me kena guitar goreng la... LOL

  10. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Lin Peh yingrish veli geng wan!! Dun play play.

  11. belle : who so got eye no pig go dump 9 lu!!!

    wennn : eh sometime no laughter wan leh ... sometime i also pancit also.

    anon : yea i m glad to be able to lighten up ppl'e life ... everyone need a smile every now and then.

    patrick : thanks ya!

    bryan : mcb lu traitor! goan fark ownself n say good!

    blueapple : why u sweats jekkk

    mae : eh wait ... u 18 yrs old anot yet?

    kenny : yar i kena rap ... rap till 9hai lidat kakaka... he gimme country n western song ask me to rap!!

    ace : Linpeh rap lagi keng!!! PCK also kalah!


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