12 November 2006

Weekend Pics With Nokia N73

Photos taking is now more intense, right after i got my hands on my new Camphone Nokia N73,

also the other day This fler asked me why lately no pics of my Little Devil wan? I actually got lotsa pic of him but i dunwan kena fark for promoting my Little Devil too much mah lol!

Pictures quality can be seen below :

My Camwhore son The Little Devil

Little Devil the Penguin Charmer

Open Season Little Devil

Little Devil @ Tesco Playpark

Little Devil Pony Ride

My parents came over for lunch today ... i made them Spirals Vegeroni with tomatoes of coz!

Wantan meen for breaskfast yesday ... thats the Sour Chili


  1. wah... the million dollar son again... heir to ****** *******

  2. ur camera phone damn good man!

  3. Anonymous7:24 pm

    You Wantan Mee freak!

  4. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Woot! more pics more pics! LOL. I also got pic ler.. Got one lar, no time update. Go see, go see! Haha.

  5. Wingz, are you over-selling Nokia? How much they pay U? I also want to advertise for them lah.

  6. boos stewie : ooioo

    wuching : but if u compares to a dedicated digicam then the phonecam not as good ler

    bryan : yea i memang wantan meen freak! lol

    ray : see ledi ... its nice fawer

    lokter : shhh dun so loud.... later kena sabo!!!

  7. Anonymous10:20 am

    According to my mom, it is not good to eat green tomatoes cos they are not ripe yet and had some harmful chemical in them. Dunno how tru but she always make sure we don't eat the green one. My Sony W800i even better than your lokia. wakaakaa!!!!


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