13 November 2006

Restaurant With Exotic Views - Look Out Point Hulu Langat

Note : To have a better view at the photos, click to enlarge images. Map is at the bottom of this page.

During Lunch at my place today :

Sis : Eh, tonight I wanna bring you all to this very special restaurant in Hulu Langat
Me : Whats so special?
Sis : Its like dinning in Genting Highland but alot nearer and better views!
Me : Ok SET!

Hulu Langat Highway, no street lights wan ... if you car break down here ... u r farkED man!

Not even 10 minutes after we got into Hulu Langat Highway we arrived at this place. Seriously, if you havent been here before ... its kinda impposible you could stumble upon this restaurant by chances. Its surrounded by thick dense jungle and there is only one way into this place.


Its really really fogy, its like u r in the middle of a cloud lidat. Exactly like Genting!

Very steep slope leading to the Restaurant

Grandma and Grandson

Open Air Concept, no AirCond required!

Sirloin Steak (RM15.80)

Chikin Mehleelamb (RM11.80)

Spesel Steak with cheese and ham (RM14.80)

Sirloin steak (RM15.80)

Ice Lemon Tea (RM3.80)

Little Devil Stuffing himself

Ahpah, dun disturb me! Im eating!!!ROARRR!!!

This place is very cooling and windy, we practically dined in the clouds ..... its a blardee good experience! Lots n lotsa passing clouds zooming across the restaurant.

Food is good, simple and delicious! Little Devil whacked a whole steak by himself ... you say the food nice anot lar! Great Value for money too!!

Thats not all ...... not only the food were fantastic, check out the view!!!! Vehlee Lohmantik!!!

Blue Dawn

Breast Breath taking isnt it?

too foggy to get a good shot ... partly also because Nokia N73 do not perform well in dark places such as this.

The sky is clearing up, this time i managed to take a better shot, still not good enuff.

Another shot, but this is not even near what what we saw with our own eyes too.

By 8:30p it started to get foggy again.

Ah ... this is better! a view to kill for!

Good food, great views a night to remember .... all these only for RM105.21! thats dinner for 7 pax! What more could you ask for??!!!!

This place very the ngam if you wanna bring chicks here for lohmantik dinner and sommo the food is blardee reasonbly priced too!

I guessed many of you guys would ask me for a map to that place by now right? I derno how to draw the map ler bcoz that blardee road got no landmarks one! So if you wanna know how to go there, then u gotta bring me along liow la!

MCB u say I smart anot??!!!

Bloggers kaki .... when we all going to this place? next week Leng Mou?

Videos :

View of the Restaurant and the Parking lot. You can see from the video that its all foggy everywhere, blardee cooling too!

Video of KL night view from our table.

Click on the map to enlarge


  1. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Next week going ar? wokeh set!!

  2. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Whoa. Lots of pictures there! I noticed that taking good scenery photos are really hard using the phone, more to say at night. Haven't tried taking hilltop views like the ones you took, if got chance I also want to try! Of course, I still love my baby~ :D Nice nice place to eat there! Lohmantik? Definitely!

  3. I hungry laaaaaa

  4. next week? leng!!! u fetch me ah? :P

  5. walao, thanks bro!!

    I'll surely go this place next time.

    Thanks for the intro!

  6. Anonymous2:37 am

    I wanna go, I wanna go! Lead me there so that I can ask chics for lomantik dinner next time.

    Wei, btw, why is lil devil holding his kkc in the pic with grandma? LoL...

  7. Anonymous5:26 am

    wa tarak luit la ... ada tempat lai murah sikit mia ka?

  8. i wan to goooooooooo.
    wings u careful when driving there, niasing ppl drift there at night wan ok

  9. Anonymous11:10 am

    really wondering how to get there. would it be possible if u could roughly describe how to get there.

  10. ace : mch u make sure u dun ffk!

    ray : i think u just hafta get used to it 1st?

    KY : come la i bring u go in your sepot car!

    kenny ng: mcb u not girl la! fetch u kau lan mehhh

    jason : come la! sked u dun come only!

    trevesco : u know how to go anot??

    bryan : mcb u so lengjai no nid bring her to lohmantik place la! waste money! let her see u r face enuff jor!

    earl : mahai go suBARU got luit la!

    lmf : sure anot? this week u free meh??!!

    Nicholas : roughly describe ka? ok ok .. its along the Hulu Langat highway wan! ... rough enuff anot? lol solilar no landmark how to describe ler ?

  11. wingz.. though i m not hot chick but i m also cha bo.. so u bring me there can ah ?

  12. So ngam i was commenting on ur site and then i saw ur comment on my blog.. hehe..
    anyway, where Hulu Langat highway?
    Sungai long there or Genting there? :P

  13. Anonymous3:52 pm

    eh lampa, dont say i go there la tiu ... mahai after what people say la tiu ...

    lei tue lok kau ar ...

  14. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Thanks for the post. Any directions?

  15. wingz: hahaha, what to do, if no map i still have to go there try to "bang luck"


  16. Anonymous9:12 pm

    no directions meh? how to bring gf go there lah.

  17. sming : later your loukung chop me 18 pcs la!!!

    earl : mahai ... where got ppl belif me wan geh?!

    gallivanter : no direction ler ... i m the only map ... u bring me go la! i plomise i sit next table wan .. as long as u pay my bill ok anot??!! lol

    trevesco : u bring me go la ... sure can find wan!!! kakakaka

    calvaryzone : no landmark one wor ... surround by jungle ... the highway also jungle ... everywhere also jungle ... how to draw map?

  18. wingz: I saw this article


    CUKUP mudah untuk mengunjunginya. Jika dari Kuala Lumpur, anda boleh menggunakan Jalan Ampang sehingga ke pekan Ampang. Kira-kira lima kilometer dari situ dan selepas melalui simpang ke Taman Sri Watan, anda akan melalui persimpangan lampu isyarat dan belok ke kanan. Menara Tinjau terletak kira-kira lapan kilometer dari simpang berkenaan.

    Jika dari Cheras atau Kajang, anda boleh menggunakan Lebuhraya Cheras–Kajang. Dari situ, gunakan susur keluar Pekan Batu 9 dan teruskan perjalanan sehingga ke persimpangan lampu isyarat di pekan Batu 14. Belok ke kiri dan Menara Tinjau hanya terletak kira-kira tiga kilometer dari situ."

    from this link


  19. Anonymous12:43 am

    macha u go from taman muda easier.. that is if u stay around ampang area la. easier to gif landmarks oso.

  20. GREAT Post!

    First, I'm a Singaporean and just been there the 2nd time two nights ago...it's really really cool :-)

    And your map helps me a lot to get my orientation right...because a Malaysian friend brought me there but still it's a challenge for me to drive there by myself.


  21. Anonymous2:55 pm

    its halal or non-halal?

  22. can anyone tell me what time this place open and close...?

  23. Anonymous6:07 pm


  24. Anonymous6:08 pm

    really wanna to knw is it halal or not..plz..


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