27 November 2006

So Malaysians, Wassup?

We in Malaysia have got an entire new meaning of Wassup.

When you ask a Malaysian wassup? You gotta be prepared to receive some of the most outrageous answers .... more possible responses below :

So, Wassup?

1. Our A$$tronaut, he'll be going UP to the space to do some "important" experiments! Those kinda experiments if not done will have us all in killed in a matter of months!! Its important that we know how to play Batu Seremban, make teh tarik and print batik while in space. If not we are all DOOMED!!!! Thanks god we got our own Teh Tarik A$$tronaut!!! RM95 mils gone UP in smokes too!

2. The Keris is UP! Showing a keris to the public is not a threat ok? its a symbol of unity! News has it that everybody had been frantically buying kungfu swords and bring it with them everywhere they go. Its no longer an offense carrying metal weapon and flaunting them in the public anymore instead its a sign of "Unity". Har Har Har!

3. We got a New Palace coming UP too! This Palace cost only RM400 millions only! This one for our King to stay one ok?? The councillor palace also RM8 millions la!

4. GST is UP! altho it has been announced that the implementation date for GST will be annnounce later but most prolly its kambing soon la! Mana mau lari?!!! Next time kencing also kena pay GST LOL!

5. Toll is UP! The Star SMS alert reports that toll prices for 5 highways will go UP in 2007 as the government cannot afford toll subsidies anymore. Yar pity the gomen for subsidising our toll rate for so long, its time we relieve them off the burden ledi la .... the money is better use elsewhere ... like building derno what sport complex at derno where or send a$$tronaut to space or build a new palace or train more Mat Rempit Cemerlang!

6. Electricity UP!

7. Water UP!

8. Petrol UP!

9. Blood Pressure also UP!

With so many things going UP, Who say we are not progressing?

You can make a different! Yes YOU CAN!

You Decide Your Future!

3 Millions voters not registered yet!!! go Register now!

Its your rights to vote!

Got the message? :)


  1. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Dude, is it "batu seremban" or "batu sembilan"? Though Seremban is in Negeri Sembilan. LoL...

    Yes, for sure I'm gonna vote!

  2. All aso UP but y my salary never UP. I don't like the song 'Stay The Same'.

    Btw, isit tol going up next year?! Oh no..

  3. yes !! we got u loud and clear~~ cant wait for the next one to come...

  4. Anonymous1:08 am

    Ya..ya..The Rockets oso goin UP!!

  5. Anonymous8:30 am

    all up sampai my kkc oso cannot go up!

  6. Anonymous9:32 am

    Today's paper, Tol also up..........thanks to the voters!

  7. You mean...Erection Cumming Up ?

  8. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Undilah BN (Barang Naik) :p

  9. Anonymous9:39 pm

    niamahai luckily my kukujiao still can go up ...

    vote for me next election ...



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