17 November 2006

China Loosen its Grips on Internet Censorship

Recently I blogged about Rojaks Daily being banned in China, later on I found out that most of blogs with blogspot addres are being blocked by China internet.

The latest news on China's Internet censorship : Wikipedia the US based online encyclopeadia which was banned in the early 2005 were unbanned a recently. However, Big giants internet companies like Google, Msn and Yahoo still censoring and blocked certain informations from being accessed by the Chinese.

China 'unblocks' Wikipedia site

China's year-long block on the US-based online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has been lifted, activists say.

The Chinese-language version of the website was reported to be fully accessible this week.

The press freedom group Reporters without Borders praised the bosses of Wikipedia, who they said had "always refused to go in for self-censorship".

Other internet giants have been criticised for censoring their services or complying with strict Chinese rules.

Wikipedia - which allows users to add to and edit the website's information - was becoming increasingly popular in China until it was blocked in late 2005.

China has strict laws on internet use and blocks content it deems a threat, including references to the Tiananmen Square massacre and notable dissidents.

It also blocks the BBC News website.

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Banned or not Rojaks Daily would not have lotsa readers from China also .... I doubt they know what da fark im mumbling about lol!

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