24 November 2006

Where Ahlians Originated From?

Just a short one ...

Ahbeng : Where does Ahlians originated from?
Ahock : Singapore!!
Ahbeng : Why singapore?
Ahock : You derno meh? Singapo"Lians" mah!


P/S : Singapore Readers dun tulan me hor ... joking oni mah! :P


  1. Anonymous11:45 am

    If singaporean angry just because joke like this, i think they are very very closed mind...and serious ppl ... cannot make or talk any joke with them. :)

  2. I like this joke wor...

  3. Anonymous2:30 pm

    hohoho...funny joke. Singaporean wont tulan you lar, but will kill you..haha

  4. Anonymous4:34 pm

    I'm angry!

  5. anon : just in case mah :)

    lp : hahaha the punchline too simple ler... kinda lazy to think long long story lol

    martin : wuah dun ler poke fire.

    singaporean : ai angry meh? mai laaa

  6. kns. you're freaking lame. but i love it man. LOLZ

  7. i have 1 joke. lolz. if you find it funny. then i want to curi ur joke and paste it in my blog. how? deal?
    here goes.

    a caucasian who had just arrived in sg took a cab and had a conversation with the cab driver.

    caucasian: i think that you singaporeans are very smart

    cab driver: why?

    caucasian: cos' i was asking the stewardess. what do singaporeans like to do?. she answered me "study lor(law)"


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