21 November 2006

Names of Paedophiles Exposed!

I think this is the best way to deal with peados, put their farking face big big on the internet and post their latest address also. At least can warn ppls and let them be more aware of the children whereabout.

Paedos are sick baskets ... unlike drugs addictions i doubt there is any cure for peados, look after your children!

Some of the UK's most wanted child sex offenders have been identified online.

It is believed to be the first time that details of convicted paedophiles have been published nationwide by Britain's law enforcement agencies.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre has set up the new website in an effort to track missing child sex offenders.

Meanwhile, single mothers could be able to check up on new partners to see if they are sex offenders under new plans.

The Home Office is considering proposals that would enable single mothers to ask the police to make the checks, which would have to be supported by reasonable grounds for suspicion.

It is known that predatory paedophiles often befriend single mothers as a way of gaining access to their children.


Jim Gamble, chief executive of the CEOP Centre, said the Crimestoppers' website had enjoyed "unprecedented" success in tracking down offenders but urged the public to act responsibly.

"Any vigilante activity will be robustly dealt with and is likely to constitute a criminal offence."

Stuart Kuttner, managing editor of News of the World which has campaigned for parents to know if a paedophile lives in their area, welcomed the news.

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Die paedos die!!!!


  1. Si heng ah, my son told me yr blog posts shared all over Friendster wor. You very da femes with youngsters lah.

  2. Anonymous3:46 pm

    These paedos should be punished kao kao!!

  3. yeah... heard about these people also... heard they like to go Vietname a lot... cibai people... better have their KKC potong!

  4. Burn their KKC! Then chop off their head! Then throw into sea let sharks to eat them! If not use C4 to bomb kaw them! MCH KNN TNS those paedos!

  5. I dun understand... how come "convicted paedophiles" can be "missing" one? Did they escape from from prison?

  6. err... even the full article is does not explain clearly... but i understand it like this: these people who have a history of conviction as child sex offenders are supposed to report to a register... when they do not comply, they are considered "missing"... and their names and photographs are published in the website.

    Is that the right thing to do, i wonder? Will they have a chance to rehabilitate and turn a new leaf?

    And then, the article mentions the case of a paediatrician who was harassed because her job name starts with "paed---". How silly can you get??

    "In 2000, a paediatrician in Newport, south Wales, was forced to flee her house when vigilantes seemingly confused her job title."

  7. Anonymous8:22 am

    Ashley Wolstencroft 18 mount pleasent walk, Radcliffe, Manchester comfessed to using child pornoghraphy on numerous occasions! i think this makes him a peadophile why else would he be looking at this sick sick stuff! people like him should be castrated and hands and eyes should be removed from their sick minded bodies.


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