9 November 2006

Three Ahbengs Boasting

Please pray for Tun Dr. Mahathir speedy recovery

Once upon a time .... 3 Ahbengs (Ahpai, Ahpek and Ahbeng) were sitting around a campfire taking a break from their hunting, with nothing better to do they started telling blowing water (tok kok session la)

Ahpai : I must be the strongest ahbeng in this jungle, just the other day when a buffalo got loose and starting to attacked the villagers I saw 6 men trying to take the buffalo down but did not succeed so i jumped in and wrestle the buffalo to the ground with my bare hands!

Ahbeng heard Ahpai tok so big he also beh tahan ledi ....

Ahbeng : That is nothing la! yesday in my village got this 15 feet king cobra, i caught it with my bare hand, bit its head off and sucked all its poison down in one gulp! And I still alive now with you all! You say I powerfool anot?!!

After Ahbeng finish boasting ... there was this moment of silence because both Ahpai and Ahbeng is waiting for Ahpek turn to boast pulak .... they wait n wait n wait ... still nothing ....

Then both of them stare at Ahpek to see what hes doing ....

Ahpek remained silent ... slowly stirring the red hot firewood with his kukuciao!!!!

You say who most power leh??!!!!


  1. ah pek got training mah!

  2. LOL... Ah Pek's KKC so keng ah? Fire Proof somemore.

  3. Anonymous9:16 am

    Makahai! Ah Pek cooking sausages ah??

  4. ah pek too old ledi... the batang already mati... so no feel dy... that's why can stir like that...

  5. Anonymous12:30 pm

    may be ahpek put a wooden type wan?
    ke ke ke ke ke ke

  6. Anonymous1:23 pm

    tiu i thought u gonna show me a pic of the sakai with his lanjiao in the fire ...

  7. Anonymous2:14 pm

    oh.. i know.. he use a cobra to ta fei kei.. tat's why the kkc numb coz the poison seeps into it bit by bit, day by day in exchange for the 'white stuff'. tat's why ah beng suck wat he tot was poison.. he din die lar! but yeah still ahpek most strongest :D

  8. Anonymous2:28 pm

    AhPek POWERRR!!!!

  9. wuching : ahpek last time go train in shaolin temple wan!

    kenny : kakaka that fler champion of kkc kungfu man!!!

    ahpek : bbq sosej!!!

    mossie : kakakaka mahai dun be too honest laaaaa kakakakaka

    pisang : wooden type = always hard?

    earlku : actually i was looking for that pic u mention but kenot find diuu!

    alex : mch you imagination lagi terror than mine!!

    aceone : u can ask ahpek to teach u kkc kungfu also!

  10. BBQ hotdogs! Nice! Wuah, long time I no read rojaks like this liao, you know.

  11. Anonymous3:35 pm

    sen q sen q...

  12. Anonymous10:38 pm

    wat red hot boiling blabla...period onli isit ahahhahahahaa

  13. Anonymous1:34 am

    AhPek banyak geng chau!

  14. Anonymous2:57 am

    Dear Rojaks, may know if you have the owner's consent in using the '3 Sakai' image?

  15. dear anonymous : i got the image from a forwarded email, I would gladly take it down if the image are not suppose to be shared.


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