17 November 2006

L for Left and R for Right

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I m gonna let you know a secret (if you derno yet lar) Linpeh and Aceone are skoolmate, they also stay very near to each other and they have breakfast together-gether quite often too!

One day at a kopitiam near Linpeh house, while the 2 of them having breakfast together, this conversation took place :

Aceone : Eh ... why you write on your hand big big the letter "L" & "R" ?
Linpeh : oh ... this wan i write here so I know which is my left hand and which is my right hand mah!
Aceone :Diu!!! Lidat also can?
Linpeh : Ya la ... KNN some ppl memang got difficulties in figuring out which is which one!

Then Aceone diam for a while going into deep thots

Aceone : OOHHHHH!!!! I know ledi! I know ledi!!!
Linpeh : Know what?
Aceone : That day i go find piao mei .... i see her underwear there got write C and S .... i derno what is that but i dint ask her also.
Linpeh : C and S? what is that?

Aceone : Cheebye and Sifatlung la!!!


  1. Anonymous2:26 am

    Eh? What's sifatlung? Me so innocent won't know all these deep words le.

  2. Anonymous2:56 am

    I saw the picure be4 reading the joke and at first I thought u meant S for "S"hole (S pronounced ass) and C for Cunt.

    Hey Wingz... if u dun mind me ask u a personal question, do u like to fark sifatlong or Cibai better? I like sifatlong, they are tighter.

  3. Realli "cha lan dou"...

  4. wakakakaka... so ace prefer which lung?

  5. walau at 1:36 am u think of sifatlung???? HAHAHAH

  6. Anonymous8:50 am

    but later ace mesti flame up punye....

  7. Anonymous10:56 am

    Tai kor, I found your long lost twin brother ledi!


  8. Anonymous11:40 am

    Wakakaka!!!woi..why you go tell the whole world? :)That wan 'China Sifatlung' la!!!

  9. Anonymous12:05 pm

    after take out underwear oredi, screw the wrong hole how?

  10. OMG... leng zhai wanna fark wingz sifatlong!!

  11. Anonymous1:30 pm

    hahhahahaha, that was really funny , i realy enjoyed taht.

  12. Anonymous1:41 pm

    hahahah!!!! hamsem rojak! long time no see leh!! hahaha. your post remains as funny as ever!

    take care, long time no see!!

    yours truly

  13. She should put keluar and masuk sign mah. Abuden if meet gay, hampalang oso masuk masuk pulak hor.

  14. ray : the hole where your "warm cake" kambing out from!

    lengzhai : mchhh! sifatlong also u ngam!!! soli wrong number wei!

    sotongking : who char lu? hamhai izzit?

    kenny : u ask hamhai ace lor lol

    sasha : errr ... i never looked at it that way ler ... i was thinking of a joke oni wor!! lol

    pisang : ace bring back the panty n sniff everynite b4 goto sleep la! lol

    bryan : wuah!! !how you found my brader wan??? so hansem!!!

    ace : kakakaka u mean this case real wan ka??!!

    ahpek : itu details u kena check with ace ledi la

    wh? : why me? why kenot linpeh or ace la?

    anon : glad you did.

    lobak : u changed nick ledi huh? u kambing the bloggers party anot?

  15. Rojak ! Your lobak reader mia pic damn chun wor ! Can intro kah ? ;-)

  16. guan si mou... -____-||


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