18 November 2006

Early Retirement

The defense department did a survey recently found it had too many generals, to reduce their expenses some of the generals were forced to an early retirement. They were given full payment plus a bonus!

The bonus is, they can choose to measure in a straight line on their body between 2 points, (ie: from head to toe) for each centimeter they will get RM20,000.

The first fler to take up this offer is General Stewie, he asked to be measured from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. The total cm is 182cm and he walked out with RM364,000 early retirement bonus.

The second general to take up this offer is General Earlku, this fler abit smarter .. he know hes not tall enuff, so what he did was to raise his arms and asked to be measured from the tip of his middle finger till the tip of his toes. He walked out with RM392,000 early retirement bonus.

While they were measuring General Earlku, General Stewie alredi give tips to the Third General whois waiting for his turn, General Linpeh.

*Lemme tell you a little bit about General Linpeh before we proceed further, General Linpeh were in Iraq before he was sent back to Malaysia due to some war related injuries. General Linpeh stepped on a landmines and lost both his balls in that incident and that is why he really wanted to retire and start a new life himself.*

General Linpeh went in and this conversation took place :

Medical Officer : General Linpeh, where would you like to be measure from and where to?
Linpeh : I would like to be measured from the tip of my kukujiao till the end of my balls.

The Medical Officer then asked General Linpeh to drop his pants, after General Linpeh Dropped his pants the Medical Officer proceed to take the measurements. He placed a cellotape on the tip of General Linpeh's kukuciao and begin to pull the tape back to his balls and suddenly he shouted :

Medical Officer : OH MY GOD!!! Where is your balls General Linpeh Sir?!
General Linpeh : I left it in Iraq la!!!


Now you know why General Linpeh so rich larrr!


  1. Anonymous7:42 am

    LMAO! Haha! Wingz not in the story oh?

  2. Anonymous8:08 am

    macibai - not funny wan, i demand a re-measure ... i wan to measure from the base of my cock to the tip only ... that alone can tapau Linpeh ...


  3. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Fuiyoh..Lin Peh got so much bonus next meeting dowan go 'Wong Kok Restaurant' ledi..we go Hulu Langat!! Leng mou?

  4. Leng leng...go Hulu Langat sure ajak me wookay?

  5. LOL... pity LinPeh kena again n again...

  6. Anonymous11:01 am

    noworri linpeh sum day rojak will kena bek


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