15 November 2006

I D Ten T Error

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Ahlian was having trouble with her computer, so she called Kuku (earlku), the computer guy, over to her desk.

Kuku clicked a couple buttons and solved the problem. As he was walking away, Ahlian called after him and asked

Ahlian : Kuku korkor ..... So, whats wrong with my computer jek?

Kuku dem cool lidat replied her

Kuku : It was an ID Ten T Error.

A puzzled expression came over Ahlian's face.

Ahlian : An ID Ten T Error? hamik is "ID Ten T Error?" you teach me how to fix wan ler so next time i dont have to disturb you again.

Kuku : Nvm ... its too deep for you to understand, just call me if you face the same problem again ok?

Ahlian : Kuku korkor dun lidat ler ... teach me ler ....

Kuku : Even if i teach you also u wont be able to understand one laaa

Ahlian : I want I want!! I dont care! if you dont tell me what is "ID Ten T Error" I will tell everyone in the opis you molested me.

Kuku : Wuah KNN!! so evil one meh you??!!! ok ok lar ... u wanna know what i means you take a piece of paper then you write down this word "ID Ten T error" I m sure you will know what i mean ok?

Ahlian : Ok ok I write now .... later i show u ok?

Kuku : wuahahaha!!! ok!!!

Ahlian Proceed to write the word "ID Ten T Error" on a piece of paper and this is how it reads out :


  1. When I first read "I D Ten T Error", I was expecting it to mean "identity error"! Lol!

  2. good error code..next time I'll put this as my application error code

  3. aiyo! Liddat also can??

  4. Anonymous8:51 am

    hahahaaa... mahai.

  5. Anonymous9:10 am

    wah, first to comment.
    seen before, but still funny.

  6. Anonymous9:15 am

    walau A! Damn creative wei!

    btw, earlku's site is kukujiao.com, not ciao.

  7. Anonymous9:43 am

    hahaha this is good!

  8. wakakaka... dem 9 good! New code ah? Da Rojaks Code?

  9. Tank Q for promoting my sing song projeck here ;-)

  10. Anonymous12:55 pm

    My PC dun have dis 'idiot' error leh!!

  11. Anonymous5:36 pm

    lol.. im in the IT line and i get dumb ass ppl harassing me asking me to fix their bloody computers. Next time im gonna tell them its an ID 10 T error

  12. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Yeeeeee... your jokes not funny 1!

    When I see u at together-gather I'm going to tell u jokes so keng-chau u will never post this kind of lame joke again! OK?

  13. Anonymous6:38 pm

    wtf..like that also can..earlku so free 1 meh.?
    now start working dy ma..

  14. Anonymous12:30 am

    Last time in F5, my chemistry teacher gave some tips also, she said "S.T......U.P......I.D", then those kia su ones fast fast copy down loh. LoL...

  15. Anonymous7:44 pm



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