9 November 2006

Together-Gather Year End Bloggers Party, Kambing Soon to a Ballroom Near You!


After meetings over meetings and discussions over discussions, today we finally confirmed everything and we are now be able to announce :

Together-Gather Year End Bloggers gathering .... Saturday, 30th Dec 2006.

A blog will also be created for this event where we will post all the informations related to this wonderFOOL event, we will make more announcement later when the blog is up.

Stay tune!!


  1. Anonymous12:16 am

    clear all you appointments on that day ... whatever need to done - save it for next year ... just make sure you there ...

    eh after the party the ballroom we make orgy k ... 600 people orgy ...cun?

  2. Anonymous12:19 am

    wah! sounds funnn! :D

  3. Anonymous12:23 am

    I'm no blogger, just someone who happens to have a blog only, can go or not? :p

  4. wow! that's interesting!

    who's the VIP? :p

  5. warao~ i wanna go!! but too bad my sister wedding on 1st Jan in Penang~! ARghhhh -.-"

  6. Anonymous1:15 am

    I want to comeeee...

  7. Aku mau pigi ..
    Aku mau pigi ..

  8. 30th dec? bagus, i'll be back for xmas so i can make it.

  9. Anonymous5:24 am

    ellone: i go with you can r?

  10. Anonymous8:07 am

    Haha, so fast post it up? Err, so sorry put the date wrongly!

  11. wuiiii, who wan sponser me air ticket to KL!!?!!?!?!!?!? I give free hand job!!!!

    hand job as in installing car alarm wokey!!!!

  12. Anonymous8:56 am

    I read and eat rojak every 2 days. Can I come to the party?

  13. Anonymous10:37 am

    No free come. Friend's wedding banquet. Enjoy yourself.

  14. Anonymous11:35 am

    i'll see what i can do. keep us updated on the location and time and all those shit.


  15. Anonymous11:36 am

    Wah, very kancheong leh.

  16. Lin Peh wan cummmmm!

  17. yah, if takde halangan, i'll be there with surfnux together gather! :D

    pssst: i wondering if anyone knows me?

  18. earlku : mch orgy dun announce 1st la! later kena ban sial!!! shhhh...

    liz : gerenti fun wan!!!! must kam!

    bryan : you no blog ka got blog ka lost blog ka suma can come!

    she's jess : VIP? Very Impotent Peeple? we all potent one wor! np VIP leh! kakaka!

    eve : our party 30th wor! still got 2 days mahhh cum cum!!

    jason : ok set! bawak your big ass camera also!

    5chanyoke : you bring grandma grandpa also can!!! suma sapu!!!

    ellone : ok set! bawak more Hot chicks like u come along la!

    butty : wuah finally!!! i gets to meet you!

    earl : mch beratur dulu!!!! take a number!! dun jump Q!!!

    alex: diuniaseng! u so rich sommo want ppl seponsor!

    agnes : of coz can la!!!

    surfnux : woohoo!!! u kam with moskito la!

    gbyeow : aiyahhhh ... wasted ler u kenot come!

    jimmy : no problem will keep updating on this

    hijackqueen : u also make sure u come hor

    mossim : yar bring more singapore chicks wei!!!

    Mrdurian : dun say u just joined recently la .. u notchet join also can come!!! lol!

  19. I purposely cut my China's trip short so that I will be back on 12/30 so ada discount tak?

  20. wah so close to new year.. i dunno can or not

  21. Anonymous2:09 pm

    fuah musti latang woo..

  22. Anonymous5:25 pm

    shiok nya..
    i tak mau datangggggggggg

    i mau datang...

    no. i dowan to comeeeeeeeee

  23. Anonymous7:21 pm

    ahaha tiu i tot people who dunwan come for the party can come for the orgy ...

    the orgy is the event to die for ma ...


    free flow of alcos(cap kapak) and lots of rubber(used ones)

    wingz promoting recycling .... all rubbers after use u wash in the basin provided and use the rubber back ...


  24. Anonymous7:22 pm

    mcb i ask first wo ...

    arr tah kau ar i tell you ...

  25. waH!!!!

    aku mahu datang.... but... eve's sis's wedding on the 1st in Penang...

    macam mana...

    eve, how???

  26. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Come one come all, I'll be there if i can make it :D

  27. there is the rules tat invited guess do not allowed to bring camera and those organiser will send out those pigcher rite?

  28. Anonymous5:05 am

    eh..roughly how much per pax la.? or payments alredy settled in da house.? hahaha..looking forward to it..

  29. ehhhh !!! underage can come ???? 17 nia , less one number

  30. Anonymous1:29 am

    eh.. got makan makan n drink drink ka.. :D

  31. I aso wan cum. U ajak many kampung fella go..Wonder where u wana do it so can fit evelibodi. Dataran Merdeka ar??

    Dun play-play ar??!! If really got, I apply leave for 29 ge la.Since I got training till 28.

  32. lp: i thot linpeh is seponsoring your tixs??

    boss stewie: MCH u play 9 me izzit?!!!

    astro : u make sure u latang hor!!!

    cely : made up your minddddddd

    christal : eve's mia brader mia wedding not same day mahhh

    chapree : come all come!!!

    ahnel : why ban cameras jekkk

    yatz : goto together.sohoblogger.com for details and announcements all details is there :)

    hoyo17 : CANN!!!

    julie : of coz got makan n drink drink !! gerenti got wan!

    youngbrat : no pray pray wan .. goto http://together.sohoblogger.com for party news n announcements

  33. Lulu's a Malaysian, so kena tanya-la.
    What's for makan? rojak and chicken wings-ah?


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