15 November 2006

Rojaks Daily Banned In China?

I received this comment a bit earlier today :

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "China's Latest Delicacy : CHEAP Fried Chicken":


Do you know that your site is BLOCKED in China?

I did try with many people in China, all can´ not open.

I dont even understand chinese .... freaking strange!!!

Izzit me or all blogspot are banned by China?

You think its the picture in the banner ar? LOL!


  1. Taikor, lei duck jorrrrr.....1 billion people crying over this, cannot read Rojaks. LOL.

  2. What?!!! Like that also ban? WTF!

  3. erm.. ackchelly, blogger is ban in some parts of China one..
    They dun have access.

  4. Anonymous1:20 am

    Tiu..their china nut sucks!! TM nut consider sikit better la. They can oni download your 'Pak Leong Kam' header oni then kena jammm lei!!! kakaka

  5. wah!!!! rojaks so in-fahmes in China 1 ar......wandering if they hv top 100 list of ban websites in China.....rojaks.blogspot.com will be next to xxx.com.....lolx

  6. Anonymous8:25 am

    brader ... anything in the blogspot domain is blocked in most of China lah ... dun head big big ... wakakakakakaka ...

  7. U SO POPULAR!!!!
    But ah..my flen in china also say that sometimes its blocked la..not all the time. The server there abit mental

  8. Anonymous8:50 am

    wahh... lidat menas you blardy femes in China

  9. china restrict their ppl fr 'freedom of speech' in blogs. so blogspot cannot b access.

  10. Must ban you lah. You are too hot a celebrity and the chicken thing..erk!!!


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