1 November 2006

Optical Illusion

For this optical illusion to work :

1. Concentrate long long on the cross in the middle of the picture below, once you divert your vision to somewhere else the illusion will not work anymore. So concentrate you visions on the cross in the middle.
2. You will then notice there is an additional green dot moving around the purple dots, which were not there in the first place.
3. Then the purple dots will begin to dissapears.
4. By now the only dot left over is the green one, still moving in a circular direction and the cross in the middle.


5. If you dint experience any of the above illusion ... i think you prolly need a new pair of spectacles ... either that or you new a new set of brain lol!

Please dont concentrate on the cross for more than 5 minutes ok? You might hypnotized yourself and ..... i derno how to un-hypnotise you wan! Then you will be ngong 9 9 for the rest of your life LMAO!!!



  1. Anonymous3:45 am


  2. *i'm hypnotised liao* what is thy bidding my master?

  3. Anonymous8:58 am

    mahai! what purple dots? what cross?

  4. Anonymous10:05 am

    eh i see the dots turn and turn and turn and turn and turna dnaut a turn turn and turn asb atu anturn andturn and tuteea asn turn ...

    but i see nothing but a a pair of nen nen only ... how ar

    change what ar?

  5. KNS i cant walk stright8 now...

  6. sagech : yea cool innit?

    wuching : gimme all yo marney!!! pls!

    ahpek : u need new blain liow!! lol

    earl : u lagi no nid to see ... straight i know u nid new blain wan lol

    patrick : tulah asked u dun tfk so much ... now u got weak knees la! dats why kenot walk straight!


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