31 October 2006

Female Korean Student Punched in the Face By Male Lecturer

OMFG!!! This is brutal!!! that guy (the teacher) is taller than the student by 12 inches and he just punched her in the face!!! Not once! but 4 times!!!! 4 punches on her face and one big slap to her back!!! WTF MAN!!! I have no idea what hes saying tho but I had a pretty good idea that hes speaking Korean. North Korea maybe?

What kinda Teacher would punched a student like this? What more shes a lady!!! What is this world coming to?

Watch the video below :

What would you do if you kid are punched in the face by the teacher? ....


  1. Anonymous1:16 pm

    WoW! SO brutal wan!

  2. the teacher must be a russell peters fan to whack the girl like that

  3. I dun want to see. If I see, sure I will puke blood!

    If someone does that to me, I will seduce him and then, I will rip his balls off, and feed them to the dogs.

    ~ Lil Joy's Evil Twin

  4. niaseng! if i'm in the class i sure will flying kick on that teacher... where can hit a female like this? i hate to see male hit female!

  5. Anonymous3:13 pm

    dat 1 barbarian lah. sure i kick his balls but i dun tink he got any lah.

  6. teacher must be from north korea communist gohmen concentration camp wan!

  7. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Aiyoyo..this teacher deliberately intimidates those who are weaker.According to Rojak's court of law liddat the teacher can be sentence to public lastic on his balls wif rubberband. Rojak kia entitle to 10 r.bands each.

  8. Why u put Lin Peh video up there ? LOL!

  9. Anonymous6:28 pm

    so skool violence not limited to malaysia only ... dunno whether it's good or bad ... but if someone, anyone, punches me, i'll punch back harder ... always been my motto ...

  10. Anonymous11:03 pm

    at least over there dun get revange to teacher...... by damage the teacher car

    here...... the teacher will be in hospital oledi.....

  11. Anonymous11:53 pm

    True true. If the teacher's in Malaysia, he's probably in comatose now.

  12. Anonymous12:34 am


  13. I hope dat asshole get punished 4 wht he did!!
    When I was an over zealous prefect in primary skool, I hit a big bully who was collecting money from the pupils at the gate. I was caned by my crazy headmaster until blood came out from my backside. I couldnt sit for weeks. There r some really crazy bastards who called themselves teachers. I could have beat the shit out of him now but I won't stoop so low. I m better than him!

  14. Anonymous12:22 pm

    wah tiew! i almost fell off my baby chair.

  15. sasha : like watching wrestling kan?

    ee wei : peters russel also weck girls wan???

    lil joy : wuah ... seduce me plz!!!

    kenny ng : mcb u lagi violent

    tonixe : but u will create more violent that way innit?

    wuching : yar i think so too

    ace : mcb .. u got fetish on guy's balls one ka? lol

    linpeh : farkiuuu

    mozzy : fight violence with violence?

    mave : kakaka 1st time hear u curse

    pisang : here got so violent anot??!!

    ray : yau mou???

    belle : i missy you tooooo

    rub : wuah ... u also wrestling kaki lol

    astro : u sitting on baby chair wannn??!!!

  16. i put up this vid in youtube b4... after viewing for months.. it rejected this video... it was after google bought over youtube.. :p

    how come urs still viewing !?


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