18 October 2006

Diwali/Deepavali Greeting !!! Why India No Need Streetlights

To all Rojaks readers who will be celebrating the holy Depavali this coming Saturday, we wish you a Happe Happy Depavali!!! dont drink so much tody ok?

Please find below a spesel Depavali video celebrating the festival of light ..... Lemme tell you a story ...

If u goto India you will notice one thing ... they got very little street lights one, why izzit lidat? why so little street lights? Not much people know about this secret one but today because of Depavali mia pasal, we in Rojaks Daily is going to expose this super secret and bring you to a journey of lights!!!

We got it all documented in the below video clips .... after watching the video you would understand why does India have very little streets lights!!!

Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu Braders n Sistas!!


  1. happi deepakbali...

  2. Anonymous11:09 pm

    When the guy in the video grins, he looks exactly the same as your banner! WTF! LoL...

  3. Anonymous1:07 am

    If you opis black out chew this chewing gum!! Hapi Deepavali!!

  4. hahaha india really know how to save cost when it comes to public necessities.

    happy deepavali to all machas out there!


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