21 October 2006

Adsense Sabotage By TMnet Streamyx IP

If you noticed, I disabled all my Adsense ads, this is due to a serious case of Adsense Sabotage, someone fron this ip has been clicking on my adsense 500 over times a day! This ip is from K.L. Malaysia

Of course his ultimate purpose is to get me banned by Google Adsense, In fact he has been doing this for few days already and after discussing this issue with a adsense guru, he advised me to install this tracker from http://www.adsensedetective.com to trace the culprit. Sure enough this tracker does wonders in tracking adsense saboteur in progress.

As far as I know, this is the only adsense tracker for blogspot.com, bloggers with own hosting can use it as well but since blogspot do not allow us to host any php files this is the only alternative for us bloggers who is using blogspot.com

Adsense Detective the Adsense clicks tracker

This morning when i login to my Google adsense account, this is what i saw :

599 clicks!!! only a small fraction of those clicks were legit, others are all done by this ip :, in fact for the past 2 days this ip remained the same, therefore i concluded that this user might still be using the same ip as i blog about this issue.

I took a few screenshots from my adsensedetective.com account and you can see from here, there were multiple clicks from the same ip

Click on the above image to enlarge it

The above report is for the 20th October 2006, this is only part of the report ... the actual one were too long to be posted here.

Click on the above image to enlarge it

The above screenshot were taken today, showing all the sabotage clicks for 21st October 2006 showing in details time and date and url of the adsense click sabotage.

This ip were further confirmed by my stats counter, showing the same ip login over a period of time as shown in the picture below.

With all these supporting evidences I gathered, I lodge a Adsense sabotage report with Google Adsense team and also wrote to TMnet about this.

This is part of the reply I got from Tmnet Streamyx :

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Referring to this matter, we need your cooperation to provide us with the evidence/proof as you said that you have been threatened and sabotage. Instead, we need you to forward to us the full header or system log that consists of IP address, date, time and time zone of the incident mentioned. Without these information, we will be unable to discern and find the actual abuser.

We also would like to suggest you to lodge a proper police report as you have been threatened and sabotage as mentioned.

I seriously do not understand why some people can stoop so low as to sabotage the income of a person who is blogging to entertain?

Those who would like to know more on how to protect yourself or how to track Adsense sabotage feel free to write to me, for those who never been sabotage before ... it dont hurt you to learn also.

Will update this post once i got more feedback from Google adsense and Tmnet. I am also considering the possibilities to lodge a police report, if that is what i need to do to protect myself.

UPDATE : 22nd October 2006

Time : 1pm

The saboteur must have read my post and decided to switch his dynamic TMnet Streamyx ip thinking he could get away with this if he is using a different ip. His latest ip was but at the time of this article he is no longer online. He probably switched his ip again after he clicked on my ads.

There is something i dont understand though, I disabled all my ads already ... but how come he is still able to click on it? Hes is loading the pages in his cookies or what?

The saboteur switched ip to, begin clicking on my ads from 01:03pm until 01:37pm a total of 22 clicks. More details below :

Screenshot from adsense account showing 22 clicks

click on the above image to enlarge it

click on the above image to enlarge it

Screenshot taken from adsensedetective.com showing the saboteur's IP and number of clicks

Stats counter showing the IP of that SOB, coming in to sabotage me again.

Of course Tmnet and Adsense had been informed of this sabotage already. I will keep updating this post with all the evidences if the attack continues.

Time : 3pm

Latest attack started at 3:29pm 22 Oct 2006. Done by the same ip I guessed he did not changed his ip, instead he blocked his most of his ports maybe? that explains why I cant ping him?

Screenshots of adsense detective showing details of the attack

screenshots of statscounter showing the login information of such an IP

Time : 4pm

Latest attack at 4:56pm by Streamyx Ip no.

adsensedetective showing this ip the time actually corresponse to the one reported in statscounter. I will monitor closely and keep updating this post.


  1. aduii i think people jealous that u're among the richest bloggers in malaysia

  2. u see, you become so popular that so many ppl want to sabotage u.

    take care lah! me? i no problem as i had not earn a dollar yet from adsense

  3. Anonymous7:58 pm

    hmmm ... what can you do to prevent stuff like this ar?

    ok la, actually it was me la, i jeles you getting too much from adsense, so i click kau ur adsense la ...

    i installed an automated tool, which will go to your site and click automatically wan ...


  4. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Why ppl sabotage someone who is blogging to entertain? The same reason why jerks scratch your car or throw stone and then hide their hand. Do us a favor. When this guy is arrested, pls expose him for who he is.

  5. that barger must be damn free sit in front of the computer clicking on the adsense only. get a life man.

  6. Anonymous9:43 pm

    ok wingz, i demand a USD100 from you now, so i will stop clicking ur adsense, transfer to me via paypal, DO NOT GO TO THE POLICE, or i will take extreme measure, i will triple the clicking rate ...


    ***click click click ....

  7. Anonymous10:46 pm

    wah earl-ku how can you steal my rice bowl. when you need a non-KL IP address you let me know. I am known as fast clicker, you know.. LOL

  8. Anonymous11:16 pm

    yea mate, did u send an email to adsense support? anyways, hope u get that prick :)

  9. Whoa, that's some scary shit. Strange that it's happening to you and not those much-maligned 'pro bloggers'.

  10. Anonymous12:44 am

    because they thought by sabotaging you your blog would have to be shut down. then they'll jump at the opportunity to claim ur blogname and do some stupid thing to flame u. they thought like tt overnight can become millionaire. so kuku

  11. Anonymous2:19 am

    On the bright side, you know you're femes and people want to make your life difficult.

    So there's also a reason to be happy about this!

  12. Anonymous4:14 am

    It's been a long time I last seen the term "problogger" ledi! LoL...

  13. Anonymous11:48 am

    nolah.. that barger just don't like pat leong kum's face!

    anyawy, seriously, I think that barger really sick or smoething lah.

  14. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Alamak!! Bro, kena sabotage again? See, you so fehmes ma!!

  15. price of being famous dude.....spam the bugger lar

  16. Anonymous4:08 pm

    I think you should contact the AdSense Team as soon as possible, or they might disable your account. There is a good open source script to track your AdSense clicks, http://adlogger.org

    You can set how many times that can be clicked by one IP. It's quite useful.

  17. kanineh! musim raya raya nie buat kacau... dosa tu....

    anyway, happy diwali and selamat hari raya! maaf zahir dan batin~!

  18. Anonymous12:52 pm

    actually it's me who click on the you, i was offended by one of your post. By now you should know..................................................................................that i am bluffing you. Siao Arrr, who on earth eat full nothing to do keep on click on advertisement! Ask him go jump river lahhhhhhhhhhh

  19. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Well, theoretically, the ad doesn't need to be showed to be 'clicked'. The ads consists of a URL with your publisher id embedded inside. It points to google's ad page which tracks the click and forwards you to the actual site. So it doesn't matter whether you are showing the ads or not. All that is needed is the advertisement URL. Copy the address and paste it in the browser URL bar. Or use a script to keep loading the same page over and over again. Or embed your advertisement in an offline html and load that page. One way or the other, doesn't really matter.

  20. Eh, brader, is this issue resolved? So, what is the outcome? I can't sleep, eat or shit after reading this. If it happens to you, it could happen to just anyone. I already got it before and I know your pains. Errm..on second thought, it is good I can't eat 'cos I will lose a few pounds.

  21. Send him some virus or something!

  22. important to note that people can copy your adsense code with your ID.. post it on any server they want and click away at it.. make sure you enable the protection in adsense that restricts the sites that can host your code.


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